On-Demand Webinar: Managing Security Challenges with Distributed Teams




On-Demand Webinar
Recorded May 14, 2020

Managing Security Challenges
with Distributed Teams





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When it comes to working with a distributed workforce, many companies are concerned about security issues. Once your team leaves your local network and brings laptops on their commute and home with them, there is no saying what could happen and what impact it can have on your company. Furthermore, how do you make sure that your developed products are still secure if your team is not there with you?
Especially now that working from home is invitable for many, it is crucial to learn how to manage security challenges that may arise when working with distributed teams.


  • Identify the weak spots of working with distributed teams
  • Learn how to address these challenges
  • Defend yourself from internal and external security threats
  • Secure your business with efficient processes
  • Alleviate financial and security stress

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