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Kiuwan supports a range of languages and local IDEs to analyze source code directly within your environments.
“Telefonica LatAm achieved an improvement in the quality and security of their applications which resulted in a 20% performance in production.”


Vulnerability Detection
Detect and fix security vulnerabilities like injection (SQL, XML, OS), XSS, and CSRF directly within your IDEs thanks to one-click integration.
Security Standards
Ensure code compliance with automated security and coding standards. Harness quality models to prevent errors in development.
Error Prevention
Monitor compliance with coding standards when code is entered to prevent errors. Reduce the time and cost of debugging and testing.

Languages We Support

IDEs We Support

Did You Know?

2023 has reached an all-time high in data breaches costing organizations an average of $4.45 million, a 2.3% increase from the last year. This has been increasing 15.3% each year since 2020.
*IBM Cost of a Data Breach 2023

IDE Plug-In Modes

The plug-in provides a “viewer” mode for supported IDEs. Additional modes are available for some IDEs.

Viewer Mode

Download the vulnerabilities and defects stored in the last baseline, or in a specific delivery, or even the issues to be fixed according to a defined action plan. Then just double-click on the defects and go directly to the offending line of code to fix them straight away.

Static application security testing (SAST) with Kiuwan IDE plug-in viewer mode.

Analyzer Mode

Analyze your application source code directly within (and fully integrated into) your IDE. You can analyze the whole project or just some specific files, then review the detected vulnerabilities and defects, fix them and re-analyze, without exiting your IDE.

Static application security testing (SAST) with Kiuwan IDE plug-in analyzer mode.

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