Introduction to Kiuwan Reporting

Reporting Webinar

There’s a lot you need to know about your application. What critical defects exist, and how much time will your team need to repair them? Are there any dependencies that create risk? How is your application evolving, and how are external vendors contributing? In this webinar, you’ll learn about the reporting features of Kiuwan and how to get the answers you need. We’ll begin with an overview of the Code Security vulnerability report, and how to customize and filter this to your needs. We’ll also discuss the reports and metrics available in Kiuwan Code Analysis, Kiuwan Insights, Kiuwan Lifecycle, and Kiuwan Governance.


  • Brief overview of Kiuwan solutions and modules
  • Using filters and sorting the vulnerability report to identify the most urgent defects to address
  • Gaining complete visibility of your application portfolio
  • Reporting the activity of development teams and software vendors Strategies for using reports to make release decisions


Eduardo Boronat
Security DevOps Engineer, M.S. in Cybersecurity

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