Manage risk from using open source components


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Insights guarantees the continuity and integrity of open source management with a complete multi-technology solution that seamlessly integrates within the main SDLC tools

Insights allows you to secure and manage any vulnerabilities, compliance and operational risk that may arise from using open source components.
Open source components are a significant and important part of commercial software today. By automating the process of managing these components, you ensure that your developments meet all your management needs. open source components detection, security vulnerabilities, license risk and compliance analysis and policy enforcement.



open source component




Generate a complete and accurate inventory of all open source and third-party components used during builds or in applications.

detect threats


Investigate the security risks involved with your open source components and address each of them.

avoid obsolescence


Manage your libraries obsolescence: updates, versions and security issues. Get obsolescence alerts.





Eliminate time consuming

Eliminate time consuming and error prone process of manually compiling the inventory in an effort to determine if you’re impacted by a new security vulnerability alert or to check for license issues.

Unveil security risks

Investigate the security risks involved with your open source components and address each of them as they apply to your application.

Isolate dependencies

Open source deployments often include a lot of unused features that cause dependency issues. Kiuwan code quality analysis helps identify unused code and remove it, further reducing the risk of running into dependency problems.



Kiuwan Insights is continuously updating NIST’s database for new vulnerabilities, alongside our own knowledge base and research by security experts.


What you will find

Security risks

When Kiuwan analyze your application, for every external component it search identified vulnerabilities at NIST – National Vulnerability Database. If Kiuwan finds any, it will display the details of the vulnerability and score that component in a Security Risk indicator.

New vulnerabilities

If there are new vulnerabilities that affect some of the components of your app, those components will display those new vulnerabilities (marked as New) without the need to run a new analysis. This feature will keep your components inventory up-to-date.

Duplicated components

With Kiuwan Insights you can identify different versions of the same component used by your application.


With Kiuwn Insights, you can explore the exact version of the used components. This way, you would easily identify old versions of components.

Licensing information

Inspect the License type of every 3rd party component used in your application.