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Kiuwan has been able to adapt to the complex situations of our customers and has helped them overcome their obstacles. Have a look at how we have helped some of our clients achieve success

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Introducing Kiuwan to the Software Development Life Cycle increased the productivity of the development team, all with minimal startup and platform maintenance costs. .



Telefonica LatAm achieved an improvement in the quality and security of their applications which resulted in an increase of up to 20% in the performance once in production.



“With a multi technology environment for our devs, we sought a solution that could encompass unlocalized teams globally distributed, working in complex environments with different programming languages and technologies.” Ferrovial QA & IT Architecture and Integration Manager


Puglia Digitale 2.0

Creation of mechanisms to identify poor programming practices, and provide the necessary information to the providers for resolution (reports of defects and vulnerabilities). As a result, the number of providers redeliveries decreased by an average of 32%.

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