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Kiuwan has worked with many of the world’s largest finance, banking and insurance organizations to empower secure application development. Read their success stories to learn how Kiuwan Code Security can support DevSecOps. 

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Kiuwan Client Success Stories

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Introducing Kiuwan to the Software Development Life Cycle increased the productivity of the development team, all with minimal startup and platform maintenance costs.



Telefonica LatAm achieved an improvement in the quality and security of their applications which resulted in a 20% performance in production.



Using Kiuwan Action plans, Ferrovial were able to improve the quality and security for each of their applications. The analysis and integration helped to improve the development approach. 


Puglia Digitale leveraged Kiuwan mechanisms to identify poor programming practices, and provide the necessary information to the developers for remediation of defects, reducing redeliveries

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Are Your Applications Protected From Injection Attacks?

This complete guide, outlines the latest challenges in application security. Helping your development team to stay safe from one of the most pernicious risks for businesses across the globe. Click the button to get your free copy.


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Kiuwan Code Security is designed to support your development team across the SDLC. See how you can automatically scan your code, identify and remediation vulnerabilities. Submit a request for demo form to get in touch with our sales team.