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The Cost of a Data Breach Report is a global report, combining results from 537 organizations across 17 countries and regions, and 17 industries to provide global averages. Global average total cost of a data breach is $4.24 Million.

*IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021*


Client Success Stories

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Introducing Kiuwan to the Software Development Life Cycle increased the productivity of the development team, all with minimal startup and platform maintenance costs.

Telefonica Kiuwan Success Stories

Telefonica LatAm achieved an improvement in the quality and security of their applications which resulted in a 20% performance in production.

Ferrovial Kiuwan Success Stories

Using Kiuwan Action plans, Ferrovial were able to improve the quality and security for each of their applications. The analysis and integration helped to improve the development approach.

pugliadigitale PURPLE Kiuwan Success Stories

Puglia Digitale leveraged Kiuwan mechanisms to identify poor programming practices, and provide the necessary information to the developers for remediation of defects.

Kiuwan clients are from a range of the world’s leading companies, representing diverse sectors that leverage our platforms to govern their business application portfolio, make informed decisions, and optimize their time to market.

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Our specialities are with banking finance, government, manufacturing, education institutions, b2b, and more to help secure their intellectual property with cutting edge tools. We work with clients across the globe, businesses of all sizes, specializing in enterprise.

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