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Build More Secure Applications

75% of banking and finance software developers struggle to detect vulnerabilities across their code. Kiuwan identifies security vulnerabilities in either source code or deployed applications and provides an action plan to remediate risks.

Build Secure Applications With Devops Tools

BSA-Improve Appsec Strength with DevOps Tools

Improve AppSec Strength

The DevOps philosophy has increased efficiency in the software development lifecycle. But, with increased speed, comes increased risk.

Security testing is now integral aspect of app development, when implemented early in the process it can support your team in identifying and remediating vulnerabilities.

BSA-Remove Security Silos

Remove Security Silos

With an agile development approach, soloed processes are a significant roadblock. Gone are the days of “security silos” represented by CISOs or security specialists checking vulnerabilities.

Application security must be a centralized process that teams & leadership can collaborate on.

BSA-Automate Process

Automate the Process

Without automated testing solutions, addressing security issues in a DevOps environment can be difficult.

The pace of DevOps releases demands automated security solutions, because manual testing can be a bottleneck for deployment.

BSA-CI-Did you know?

Did You Know?

A recent survey indicated that 11% of development organizations use DevOps as a primary development practice, and another 18% as a secondary practice.

Kiuwan Solutions for DevOps Security

Kiuwan Reduces Your Vulnerability Risk

Kiuwan accelerates development for enterprise teams by offering a holistic solution to code security. Our SAST, SCA & QA products are the fastest security analyzers in the market and promote continuous secure development in agile environments.

  • Operates in the cloud or on your device as a Java applet or IDE/CI Plugin
  • Scan source code on your device to ensure security
  • Upload the scan results to the cloud to promote collaboration in remediation
  • Trigger scans directly from the IDE/CI for DevOps security integration

What is Code Injection?

Code injection is a software vulnerability where unvalidated input is evaluated by an application. It is common on web applications that use but don’t validate the user-provided data. Attackers can inject malicious code into the application where its executed on the server, resulting in a serious security breach:

BSA-CI-consequence of code injections

How Can Your Organization Prevent Code Injection Attacks?

BSA-CI-Validate and sanitize inputs

Validate and Sanitize Inputs

Accept only a limited set of values via whitelisting or conditional switching.

BSA-CI-Validate and sanitize inputs

Use a SAST Solution

Use a code analysis tool like Kiuwan to test for vulnerabilities related to code injection.

BSA-CI-Validate and sanitize inputs

Least Privilege

Give the account the database calls run under only limited privileges, like select.

BSA-CI-Validate and sanitize inputs

Avoid Vulnerable Evaluation Constructs

Use dedicated, language-specific features to safely process user-supplied arguments.

Make Code Injection Prevention Part of your DevOps Process

Start scanning for vulnerabilities today!

Take a DevOps approach to code injection prevention with leading CI/CD tools.

  • Securely scan code on your local server as part of your build process.
  • Generate an action plan and estimate costs to remediate vulnerabilities.
  • Customize plans, manage resources, and track goals easily.

(The image to the right illustrates the Action Plan feature.)


Begin Scanning Vulnerabilities Today!