Deliver Applications Faster With Kiuwan Lifecycle

This webinar is all about Kiuwan Life Cycle, the Kiuwan module created to put you in full control of your application’s deliveries from the start. Learn how you can compare baseline modifications to detect new defects during the development process, define checkpoints and audits, and check control points continuously, and what benefits this has for your SDLC.


  • Short introduction to Kiuwan and the Kiuwan Life Cycle module
  • Difference between Kiuwan baseline analysis and delivery analysis
  • Pros and cons between partial delivery or complete delivery
  • Explanation of the concept of audit
  • Adding checkpoints to your audits
  • Integrating delivery analysis in your pipeline and IDE
  • Demo of Kiuwan Life Cycle


Sebastian Revuelta
Data Analytics – Customer Success of SAST/SCA solutions B.S. in Computer Science

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