Partner Program

Kiuwan Partner Program provides a structured framework to effectively recruit, enable, engage and support partners who sell and deliver Kiuwan. Based on field-proven initiatives and best practices, it has evolved into a world-class partner program that delivers mutual benefits and value for Kiuwan Partners and customers.


Ride the Growth Wave

They have the opportunity to participate in a phenomenon that has resulted in a 300% year-over year growth rate for Kiuwan in each of the past three years. With a compelling value proposition, they can mirror this growth rate for their business.

Deliver Kiuwan to “Everyone”

Because of its simplicity, Kiuwan can be used by everyone in the IT Department – from the development, QA or testing team, to the CIO, or even the CEO. The target market is much bigger with Kiuwan than traditional non-functional testing tools.

Enjoy Fast Sales Cycles

From prospect to close, the typical Kiuwan sales cycle runs less than 90 days and is supported by Kiuwan’s well-established “Trial Analysis” methodology, with more than 80% of users resulting in customer purchases.

Enjoy First Mover Advantage

Industry Guru Capers Jones predicts that by 2019 over 50% of organizations will use a 3rd generation Quality/Security Analysis Solution like Kiuwan. By partnering with Kiuwan today, you can enjoy the first mover advantages associated with this important trend in your market.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Kiuwan’s quick implementation and ease-of-use result in fast time value for customers. Your customers will be impressed with your solutions and services, resulting in repeat business and opportunities for new projects inside those accounts.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Kiuwan is a simple yet powerful Quality/Security 3rd Generation Solution that is revolutionizing the Software Quality market. You can gain a unique competitive advantage by positioning this innovation with your solution offerings while your competitors continue to push more traditional complex and expensive solutions.

Get To Market Faster

Software companies and developers integrating Kiuwan with their existing solutions can take their newly-differentiated offering to market faster at a fraction of the development and support cost, and their customers will experience unprecedented levels of satisfaction.

Leverage the Power of Simplicity

Business and the people they employ are tired of expensive and complex Code Quality/Security Solutions that take too long to implement and are too difficult to use. Kiuwan is embraced by those in search of a better way.

For companies of all sizes that develop or maintain custom software systems across diverse industries, Kiuwan is a top priority, is by far the most usable and flexible tool in its category and is the fastest growing 3rd generation Quality and Security Solution

But there are situations where for successful implementation, the use of Professional Services are required. This gives the Partner the possibility to apply and extend their offer, generating new business opportunities