On-Demand Webinar: Manage Your Technical Debt with Kiuwan Action Plans

Mar 18, 2020

Why watch

SWhat’s harder than discovering vulnerabilities in your code? Planning a way to remediate them once they are found!

Introducing Kiuwan Action Plans: a nifty tool made by Kiuwan to help you plan how to fix security vulnerabilities in your code based on your security goals and available resources. Action Plans support your development efforts and management of technical debt by giving you goals and tracking your progress towards them.

Learn how Kiuwan Action Plans work and how you can profit from them to reach your security goals.



  • A short introduction to Kiuwan and SAST analysis
  • Running an analysis with Kiuwan Local Analyzer
  • Understanding the results of the analysis
  • Creating an Action Plan to remediate vulnerabilities
  • Difference between Action Plans and What-Ifs
  • Fixing vulnerabilities with the Kiuwan IDE Plug-In
  • Checking Action Plan progress

Presented by

Eduardo Boronat

Eduardo Boronat

Security DevOps Engineer M.S. in Cybersecurity

JD Burke

Kiuwan Sales Engineer B.S. in Electrical Engineering

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