On-Demand Webinar: Avoiding Anti-patterns in Software Development

Have you ever heard of spaghetti code? Or loop-switch sequence? Or magic numbers? Or, going on with another italian cuisine simile, lasagna code?

How many times did you hit unexpected pitfalls developing software? No regrets, you are not alone. Very often solutions to common problems don’t have the results you would have expected.

Anti-patterns is the term coined to describe those situations. It is deeply rooted in software development but can be applied to many fields.

Learn about common anti-patterns in software development, how to avoid them to not stumble over the same stone again and again (Cicero dixit).

Conducted by

javier salado

Javier Salado

· BSc (Hons) Physics
· 20 years experience in IT product/service management
· He is an expert in ALM and security and quality assurance
· International speaker

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