Kiuwan offers a comprehensive end-to-end platform that helps you improve your business allowing you to make objective, data-driven decisions.


We built our platform on top of AWS, the leader in public cloud with cutting-edge security infrastructure second to none.
Software analytics technology with a breadth of third party integrations that takes into account the wealth of applications your teams are currently using.

We facilitate and encourage work between unlocalized teams. We understand the complexity of working on multi technology environments, constantly striving to increase the number of programming languages and technologies we support.



Create different models to analyze different applications, fine tune them to measure your applications how you need to, with smooth integration of your ALM continuous processes


Portfolio management

Group your applications in portfolios that intelligently reflect your business & IT structures. Make informed decisions based on tailored portfolios to suit your needs.



We provide an intuitive customizable dashboard perfect for unlocalized teams. Simultaneously share the same information for all the stakeholders, the same information means you will make the right decisions.


Plus tons of features

including: Action plans, progress tracking, customizable reports, code metrics, defects list, Muter, Technical debt management, Historical evolution, import and export different rulesets, User defined application portfolios, Reporting, What if analysis, Jenkins integration, RESTful API, Atlassian JIRA integration…

… we are constantly adding new features!



“With no need to invest in infrastructure or extra effort, their multi technology solution encompasses the entirety of our application stack.”