Security Solutions for your DevOps Process

Effective static application security testing and source code analysis
Affordable solutions for teams of all sizes

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Create an action plan to reduce your cyber security risks

Fast Vulnerability Detection

Easy and instant setup. Start scanning and get results in just minutes.

DevOps Approach to Code Security

Integrate Kiuwan with your CI/CD/DevOps pipeline to automate your security processes.

Flexible Licensing Options

Plenty of options: one-time scans or continuous scanning; SaaS or On-Premise model.

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Trusted by 12000+ Users Worldwide

‘Simple to setup, simple to use, simple to adapt in every development process’
Roberto F, Area Manager in Technology

‘We now have the ability to analyse and block bad code, and start in an easy and clean way to optimize our code to secure our applications.’
Ricardo D, Project Manager in Insurance


Kiuwan Products

Features for every stage and stakeholder in the SDLC

Code Security (SAST)

Code Security (SAST)

Scan your code and identify vulnerabilities. Compliant with stringent security standards including CWE, OWASP, PCI, CERT & SANS.

Insights (SCA)

Insights (SCA)

Reduce risk from third-party components. Remediate vulnerabilities and ensure license compliance. Aligned with NIST database.

Kiuwan Modules

Make it a 360° solution with

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Code Analysis

Learn about defects in your code around characteristics such as maintainability, portability, efficiency and reliability

Life Cycle

Audit your software deliveries made by external or internal providers, define checkpoints and compare modifications


Manage your application portfolio, understand your business risks and make predictive analysis for objective decision making

Watch the 3 Minute Explainer.

30+ supported languagess

Kiuwan supported languages.

Integrates with your DevOps environment

Full Compliance With IT Security Standards
Full Compliance With IT Security Standards
Start scanning for vulnerabilities today
  •  Your own needs, your own source code
  •  No credit card needed
  •  All key features included
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Webinar: Why Businesses Need AppSec Automation

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On-Demand Webinar: Trends In Cyberthreats

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