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After developing the new version of our corporate portal we wanted to lay the foundations to ensure its maintainability and security. Kiuwan's code analysis, the comprehensive reports and dashboards, and overall, the possibility to generate action plans to continuously improve, proved essential to save hundreds of development time.
Juan López, CTO at Beruby
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Kiuwan belongs to a new generation of tools. We are detecting and solving our software defects within seconds and with hardly any effort. We have an outstanding development team, but Kiuwan is helping us to reach a productivity level that would be unachievable otherwise.
Pedro Tabernero, CEO at BKOOL

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Companies' competitiveness, as well as our lifestyle, rely on software quality. That's why it's very important to have tools like Kiuwan, to help us evaluate and control the main characteristics of our software product. Easily and for a wide range of programming languages. Kiuwan allows organizations to release software in a predictable and reliable way.
Mario Piattini, CTO at Alarcos Research Group
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The fact that Kiuwan is a cloud solution facilitates the task to globalize our quality model to all our Delivery centers around the world. This allows us to capitalize the knowledge of development best practices in a very simple way, regardless of where our development teams are.
Jose Antonio Otega, AM Director at Tecnocom

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