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Based on static analysis, Kiuwan gives you high level indicators, about risk, quality and technical debt in your software development. At the same time, it provides details on intrinsic code metrics and detected defects found in your applications.

Packed with great features to guide you on how to improve.

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Support for 15 languages and growing

No matter what language you use to develop your applications, we support it!

You decide the language of your application, we analyze it!

Java, PHP, Javascript, C#, COBOL, ABAP IV,, C/C++, Objective-C, Android, JSP, Hibernate, SQL, PL/SQL, you name it. Everyone should have the right to know the quality and exposure to risk in their development.

All supported languages?

See for yourself what the jellyfish can do for you!

We have analyzed several open source applications, and we have published the results in a ranking, according to its global quality indicator.

Try out our DEMO, where you can see the results of those analyses. You also can simulate some results by modifying the parameters in the simulation table of the DEMO.

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Know the risks What are the risks associated to software quality in your organization?
Dive all the way in... Get all the details you always wanted: Metrics, potential defects, compliance, action plan.

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