Application Vulnerability Testing

Kiuwan is a development security platform that developers use to build applications fast while maintaining total security. Kiuwan scans source code for vulnerabilities and provides remediation plans to ensure security in deployed binaries. 

Application Vulnerability Testing

Application Vulnerability Testing Safeguards Applications

AVT-Keep Recent Backups

Keep Recent Backups

By keeping a backup of your website or application, if an attack were to happen, your development team can fall back to the saved backup to quickly get back online.

SCA- Manage Open Source Components

Web Application Firewall

Deploy a web application firewall (WAF) to protect your servers in the form of an app, plugin, filter, or custom implementation in your application.

SCA-Identify Components & Detects Threats

Monitor Frequently

It is a best practice to scan your application for malware regularly and set up alerts. Early malware notifications mean that you can act upon risks quickly.

AVT-Stay Up To Date

Stay Up-to-Date

Manage open-source components in your application to remove known obsolete code and ensure optimal functionality by using Kiuwan Insights (SCA).

SCA-Seamless Integration


Verify your application’s compliance with key security standards during the development cycle by scanning frequently with Kiuwan Code Security (SAST).

AVY-Consider Local Scanning

Local Scanning

Concerned about scanning online? With the Kiuwan Local Analyzer, your code is scanned locally and only the results are synced to the cloud for team collaboration.

Protect Against Vulnerabilities

A code weakness or misconfiguration within an application can cause a vulnerability that can be leveraged by hackers to launch an attack. This can have many serious consequences for businesses including:

Protect against vulnerabilities

Empowering Developers

Kiuwan Code Security integrates into your CI/CD process so that you can take a DevOps approach to application vulnerability prevention.

  • Scan code securely on your own local server and upload the results to the cloud for easy sharing with your team.

  • Generate an action plan to remediate vulnerabilities and calculate the time, cost, and effort required to do it.

  • Apply what-if analysis and customize the plan to fit your needs, then track the team’s progress toward your goals.
AVT-A Developer First Approach

Importance of SDLC Process

Secure application development means integrating security into every stage of development, including:

• Security requirements in the planning phase.

• Security-focused code reviews during development.

• Penetration testing during integration/acceptance testing.

AVT-Importance of SDLC Process
Financial loss

Recent cyber breaches have cost companies millions of dollars, not including damage to brands, reputations, and partnerships. Discovering application vulnerabilities early and maintaining strong security practices is crucial now more than ever.

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