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Application Vulnerability Testing with Kiuwan

Cybersecurity breaches cost companies billions of dollars each year. They also damage brands’ reputations, partnerships, and relations with their customers. Companies of any size can become victims of cybercrime. However, tools like Kiuwan help developers build their applications fast while protecting their apps and companies.

Find out more about Kiuwan’s application vulnerability testing features and how they benefit dev teams of all sizes.

What Is App Vulnerability Testing?

Application vulnerability testing is a program that evaluates the security of software applications by finding and categorizing defects and vulnerable code. The goal of most app security tests is to fix vulnerabilities in the application to prevent cyber attacks.

Kiuwan is a development security platform and application security testing tool designed to give developers peace of mind while they’re building applications. It scans source code for potential risks and provides recommendations and plans for remediation to ensure app security before deployment.

How Kiuwan’s Application Vulnerability Testing Protects Your Apps

Keeps Recent Backups
Backups are an essential failsafe for protecting your customers’ data. By keeping a backup of your website or application, if an attack or another emergency were to happen, your development team can use the most recent saved backup to restore service quickly.
Deploys Web Application Firewalls
Deploying a web application firewall (WAF) protects your servers from being infiltrated and compromised by black-hat hackers who want to exploit your organization and its customers. The WAF can be deployed as an app, plugin, filter, or custom implementation in your app or other software.
Keeps Recent Backups
Scanning and monitoring your application for malware and vulnerabilities is essential. With the proper tools for cyber security software testing, you can set up alerts, act to remove risks quickly, and sort vulnerabilities by status.
Maintains Functionality on Open-Source Code

Open-source code components are one of the most exploited parts of any software program or app, making software composition analysis (SCA) essential. Kiuwan Insights (SCA) allows you to identify and remove known obsolete open-source components so your app can be safer and more functional.

Verifies Compliance with Security Standards
Applications are required to maintain compliance with industry and federal standards like OWASP, CIS, NIST, ISO, and others. You can verify your app’s compliance with these important standards using Kiuwan Code Security. Your team can also run these scans as often as you may need throughout the development process and while creating updates.
Analyzes Code Locally
Scanning online comes with its own set of security concerns. However, Kiuwan’s Local Analyzer capabilities allow you to scan your code locally. From there, only the results of the scan are synced to the cloud so your developer team can move forward accordingly.

Protect Against Vulnerabilities

A code weakness or misconfiguration within an application can cause a vulnerability that can be leveraged by hackers to launch an attack. This can have many serious consequences for businesses including:

How Code Vulnerability Testing Empowers Developers

Testing an application’s code for vulnerabilities isn’t usually high on a developer team’s list of priorities. However, running software security tests regularly during development and before deployment can benefit your team in multiple ways.

Prevents Cyberattacks

Hackers are always on the lookout for weaknesses and misconfigurations in your app’s code. Once they do, the consequences for your company and customers can be severe. Here are just a few common consequences for businesses:

  • Loss of control over your app
  • Loss of hosting server control
  • Customer data and identity theft
  • Brand and website damage
  • Monetary or credit theft
  • Compromise of sensitive information
  • Damage to company reputation

Using app vulnerability testing early and often allows developers to stay one step ahead of these bad actors and keep their suite of products safe, potentially preventing millions of dollars in damages.

Reduces Harm

If there is a breach of your app’s security, Kiuwan Code Security’s tools can protect your team from the most serious consequences.

The platform enables developers to generate custom action plans that remediate vulnerabilities and calculate the time, cost, and effort involved in creating these fixes. It allows IT specialists to fix the riskiest weaknesses first—such as in code encrypting customer credit card or identity information—without too many interruptions or delays in development.

Protects What Matters

Your team’s apps might handle data from thousands of customers, employees, and other stakeholders who rely on your product’s safety to protect their data. By protecting their information, you also protect your brand from being harmed or losing money due to cyber theft or class-action lawsuits.

Using SDLC and Code Vulnerability Testing to Protect Your Business

In a world where hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities, security needs to be at the forefront of every stage of development. Here’s a breakdown of what that might look like, from initial planning to deployment:

  • Establishing security requirements in the planning phase
  • Conducting security-focused code reviews in development
  • Running penetration tests during the integration and acceptance process
Recent cyber breaches have cost companies millions of dollars, not including damage to brands, reputations, and partnerships. Discovering application vulnerabilities early and maintaining strong security practices is crucial now more than ever.

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App and software breaches can have lasting consequences. They also aren’t going anywhere. Finding vulnerabilities in your app and code early is critical. Maintaining strong security practices during and after development is essential to protecting your business.

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