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Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive solutions for application security. We shield assets, blocking attacks on vulnerabilities with a plethora of features that empower both executives and developers with state-of-the-art security and advanced business analytics through our end-to-end platform. Our clients welcome the transparency and complete scope Kiuwan grants them in terms of solving the risks and threats that affect their productivity, management, life cycle and governance of their application portfolio.




Our value proposition

The vast majority of enterprises develop customized software to run their business mission critical systems. The lack of an all-encompassing tool that can be used by every stakeholder in the SDLC brings the need to spend more time and resources on the maintenance of these developments, losing control over their software, which can lead to security exploits, increase of risks and lack of governance over your own application portfolio. In today’s environment, where it is imperative to cut costs, large-scale rationalization projects are needed to simplify the functionality of existing applications, to reduce the amount of old technology, and to bring new, more effective applications into the business. Kiuwan goes one step further and gives answer to all these problems in an intuitive and powerful platform.





Our solution

We provide an end-to-end Software Security platform, compliant with all the major security standards. We bring you objective data so you can make informed decisions regarding the risks associated with the security, productivity, cost, effort, efficiency and dependencies of your applications. We make tough decisions easier and this translates in cost reduction, risk mitigation, objective measurement, software technical security certifications and outsourcing agreement management, to name but a few of the possibilities brought about by our platform. We support multiple application technologies, covering over 20 programming languages. Our platform proves to be of key importance when companies industrialize the Software Development Life Cycle, when they want to secure their applications from cyber threats, going as far as covering SLA compliance all within the most relevant IT frameworks and standards.





Challenges we solve

Applications are spread out across organizations in disparate silos. As the volume and complexity of these apps grow, the problem worsens.

Moreover, the ability of teams to work in an unlocalized manner free from information silos is also hindered by fragmented systems and tools, each with limited capabilities. Kiuwan integrates with any existing system and facilitates communication between teams and powerful and meaningful dashboards with information for every stakeholder.




Kiuwan provides pinpoint accuracy that redefines scope. Complete visibility and control of the entire application portfolio of any organization. Objective data reports give business executives a complete view and ownership of their software system, with a multi-technology platform that makes sure no application is left behind. Actionable guided plans to remediate the security defects and quality of all deliveries. We help everyone in the SDLC to precisely locate the errors with data and metrics, and we suggest action plans to remediate and improve the organization’s system.




We are proud to secure the assets of leading companies in every sector, helping them improve their business, reducing costs and improving their time-to-market. AXA, BBVA, Zurich, Telefonica, KFC, Ferrovial, DHL, Banco Santander and BNP Paribas among others, are some of the clients who year after year place their trust on Kiuwan.

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