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Kiuwan application security solutions help our customers improve application security

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Our value proposition


kiuwan is an all-encompassing tool that can be used by every stakeholder in the software development process to empower speed, minimize resource allocation and mitigate time commitments.

Challenges we solve


Applications are spread out across organizations in disparate silos, reducing visibility and offsetting collaborative opportunity. Kiuwan integrates with any existing system and facilitates communication between teams and powerful and meaningful dashboards with information for every stakeholder.

Our solutions


We provide software security solutions with SAST and SCA source-code analysis that fit into your DevOps process. The software is compliant with all the major security and code quality standards, providing objective data to empower decision making.

Platform Benefits


Kiuwan provides pinpoint accuracy that redefines scope. Complete visibility and control of the entire application portfolio of any organization. Objective data reports give business executives a complete view and ownership of their software system, with a multi-technology platform that makes sure no application is left behind. 


Kiuwan works with businesses across sectors to develop a more powerful code security stance.

Our primary customer base is in banking, finance and payments, we find that our customers choose Kiuwan because they value securing customer data, internal resources and communications.

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‘We included Kiuwan in our SDLC, decreasing the cost of the projects and the number of vulnerabilities in production environments.’
Óscar G, cybersecurity software engineer
‘A must-use tool for software development’
Capterra verified reviewer, information technology and services