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Originally established in 2003 Kiuwan has an extensive history of empowering brands with industry leading code security solutions.

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What Is Kiuwan?


An all-encompassing application & web application security tool that can be used by every stakeholder in the software development process to empower speed, minimize resource allocation and mitigate development time commitments.

Platform Benefits


The platform provides pinpoint accuracy that redefines development security scope. The solutions provide complete visibility and enable control of the entire application portfolio of any organization. With objective data reports, decision makers are given a complete view of their software, enabling a multi-technology platform that makes sure no application is deployed with the highest level of security. 

Security Solutions


We provide SAST, SCA, QA & Governance tools to integrate directly with your DevOps process. The Kiuwan software is aligned with all the major security and code quality standards, within the industry including: NIST, MISRA, CWE & OWASP. Our tools provide objective data that helps development teams to empower decision making.

Challenges Kiuwan Solves


Applications are spread out across organizations in disparate silos, reducing visibility and removing barriers. Our solutions integrate with existing development systems and facilitates communication between teams. Including powerful, functional dashboards with information for stakeholders,

Company History

The Kiuwan brand has a rich and vibrant history, transitioning from a small consultancy in Spain to become a global application security platform, leveraged by some of the worlds largest financial institutions.




Development Operations Consultancy Founded

Recognizing the essential need to improve development operations for brands across industries, the initial team members collaborated to provide consulting services to enhance development effeciency.



Released On-Premise QA Tool

Through the collective experience gained consulting with finance and banking institutions, the team collaborated to create the Kiuwan On-Premise Code Quality Analysis Tool.

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Kiuwan Brand Launched

Following the launch of the QA product, the team pushed forwards to push further and expand operations. As a result, in 2009 the founding team decided to segment the consulting & software businesses and created the  Kiuwan brand. 

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Hybrid Code Quality Assurance Tool Launched

Realizing the weakness of a purely on premise model for team collaboration, the Kiuwan team developed a hybrid solution to enable results visibility in the cloud. In 2014 the Kiuwan team launched the Hybrid Code QA tool.

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Released Code Security Product

Following growth that included opening new offices in Chile, France & Italy, Kiuwan launched a new product to remediate challenges faced by institutions across industries. Kiuwan SAST launched as the first cohesive security solution in the marketplace.

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Launched Kiuwan Insights [SCA]

Propelled by recognition from the Spanish government & accompanied funding, the Kiuwan team developed and launched the SCA insights tool to support organizations in managing open source respositories.

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Kiuwan Acquired By Idera Inc.

Realizing opportunity to expand the Kiuwan solution further globally, the Kiuwan team accepted an offer to be acquired by Idera Inc. Joining the growing DevOps business unit and expanding the Kiuwan go to market approach.

Trusted by 20000+ Users Worldwide

Users Love Us

High performer: Kiuwan is a high performer in the Summer 2021 G2* Grid for Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Software, with an average score of 4.4/5.

Would recommend: 87% of our customers would be likely to recommend Kiuwan Code Security and Insights to other companies.

Trusted by the best: Our clients include a myriad of large banking, finance and insurance organizations who trust Kiuwan to identify all vulnerabilites and issues with their code to ensure optimal functionality. 


Kiuwan Is A SourceForge Top Performer
Kiuwan is a G2 Top Performer