On-Demand Webinar: New Challenges in .Net Application Security

How can migrating to ASP.Net Core affect security? How can I analyze if my ASP.Net configuration is the right one? What aspects of the code should I take care of to avoid the introduction of common vulnerabilities?

The security problems in applications developed with C # under ASP.Net have not disappeared with the evolution of the platform, but it has substantially altered the kind of problems which have become more frequent, as well as the reasons why these defects are introduced and finished in production . The scenario has changed substantially in recent years: ASP.Net Core breakthrough, the prevalence of the MVC framework versus other alternatives, the adoption of the REST model as web services architecture instead of WCF, and a greater relevance of Security in the application lifecycle have driven a shift in focus on how development teams should tackle software security.

This webinar examines these changes and their impact; New threats, their prevalence and how they are addressed; And changes in protection techniques from common attacks on web applications. The concepts introduced are explained in relation to the detection and tracking of security defects in the source code + configuration of the applications, particularly in C#, under our Kiuwan platform.

Conducted by

javier salado

Javier Salado

International speaker with 20 years experience in IT product/service management Expert in ALM, Security and Quality Assurance

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