Your comprehensive guide to bulletproofing your SAP developments

Have you heard of SQL injection or backdoors? Do you know how to face these and many other security threats?





1. Perspective

2. The ABAP programming language

3. What does SAP systems offer in the security front?

4. Do you have to worry about security in ABAP?

5. ABAP security is not a walk in the park

6. Take your ABAP devs out of the dark

7. Vulnerabilities distribution and attack surface

8. Bulletproofing one vulnerability at a time: Missing authorization checks | SQL Injection | Command injection | Other types of injection | Backdoors | Cross client access | The web | Cryptography

9. Are you scared enough? Conclusion & summary

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About the authors

Luis Rodriguez

Luis Rodríguez

CTO at Kiuwan. Expert in Software Analytics and Application Security, he is the brain behind all Kiuwan's analysis engines. International Speaker

Javier Salado

Javier Salado

20 years experience in IT product/service management. He is an expert in ALM and security and quality assurance. International speaker