Release Announcement – February 13, 2020

The latest Kiuwan release includes a new CQM model and two new checkpoints to allow using the Life Cycle module together with Insights. 

Keeping up with the times


The new CQM model 2.5.0 includes 56 new rules supporting the popular programming language Go (aka Golang).

Go was created over 10 years ago but has recently become more widespread, thanks to a number of well-known and successful companies taking advantage of this language’s flexibility.

Read all about it in our blog post: Announcing support for Go


We have also added 15 new rules to support the latest version of the IBM programming language RPG IV, a.k.a. ILE RPG.

The name RPG stands for Report Program Generator and the first version of this language dates all the way back to 1959, when it was invented by IBM to replicate punched card processing on the IBM 1401.

The first version of RPG IV was released in 1994 and it has been in continuous development ever since. The latest language version dates to 2014.  

Kiuwan Life Cycle with Kiuwan Insights 

The Kiuwan Life Cycle module now supports running delivery analyses with Kiuwan Insights. This means that you can add audit checkpoints for Insights components.

Here are the new checkpoints:

  • Threshold for maximum Insights components by severity risk
  • Insights filter components by group, name, and version

Read more in-depth information about this release on our Change Log page in the documentation. 

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