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Kiuwan Life Cycle lets you to sensibly reduce development time, testing and integration. Audit, monitor and automatically analyze change requests within their respective environments.

Life Cycle puts you in full control of your application’s deliveries from the start:

  • State management for change requests or development projects (in progress, resolved, etc).
  • Decide whether a new version of an application is ready to promote based on its status.
  • Automate the entire process making Kiuwan connect with your continuous integration system (eg. Jenkins).

Kiuwan Life Cycle lets you:

  • Compare baseline modifications in order to detect new defects during the development process.
  • Define checkpoints and audits tailored to each type of project or change request.
  • Check control points continuously during the construction or maintenance phases to ensure that applications do not degrade over time after modifications.

Please visit Kiuwan Life Cycle and Kiuwan Life Cycle doc site for further info.

See also our FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions to obtain help on How does Kiuwan let me to manage software development Life Cycle

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