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3 Reasons Why Your Should Use Kiuwan

Cyber attacks happen every 39 seconds. The University of Maryland found that these attacks affect almost 1 in 3 Americans every year. As we are adopting digitization more and more, developing secure applications and solutions has become more crucial than ever.

Data is the most important part of every company, so protecting application security should be the top priority. The good thing is, while digital transformation has introduced more cyberattacks, such as email phishing, it has also opened doors for their prevention.

Nowadays, many cybersecurity companies, such as Kiuwan, offer several secure cybersecurity solutions to help companies protect their personal, customer, and business data. Let’s discover the top 3 reasons why cyber protection is the need of the hour and how investing in DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) can help you with it.

Why Should Cybersecurity Be Your Top Priority?

With rapid digital development in the past few years, smart devices have become a huge part of our lives. As a result, many businesses have also adopted automated solutions for their operations. But are these solutions secure? Do they protect companies from security vulnerabilities or pose more threats? It depends on the quality of solutions and the protections put in place.

Let’s see why investing in DevSecOps makes sense regardless of the industry:

It’s the World of Smartphones

With more than 290 million American smartphone users in 2021, these smart devices are now everywhere. Nowadays, people manage everything from their smartphones, from paying bills to shopping and sending emails, which opens up many cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Many employees also use smart devices to conduct their job tasks, which is itself a threat to the company. That’s why it’s essential to ensure the security of all the smart devices used on business premises. A cybersecurity solution helps organizations protect their data through strong passwords and data backup. Many smartphones also allow users to wipe their data entirely to save it from being exposed to hackers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Is Everywhere

Almost every technological operation now gets conducted via the internet of things. IoT refers to the usage of smart devices synced with the internet to interact with other devices online. According to recent studies, the world will see 75 billion IoT devices by 2025.

While these devices speed up the entire process of sharing data, they also pose several cybersecurity threats. Undoubtedly, the IoT has paved the way for hackers to access these devices through newer and modern techniques. However, the real problem occurs when the users’ WiFi connection doesn’t have strong passwords or use unauthorized devices.

So, investing in cybersecurity will ensure that no other user accesses these devices; only the authorized sources can view the data. Businesses need a strong cybersecurity team that plans and executes the crucial steps to protect the data.

Users Are Unintentionally Sharing Their Private Data

Many people don’t know enough about cybercrimes and willingly share their data online. Moreover, online businesses that don’t use secure payment processes often make their customers’ data vulnerable to several threats. 

Since customers have to provide their credit card or bank account information to make the transaction, hackers use this as an opportunity to do fraudulent activities. This situation is alarming for businesses that don’t train their employees about cyber protection or use a cybersecurity solution. 

How Can Investing in DevSecOps Help Ensure Your Security?

DevSecCops, or development, security, and operations, is an approach to develop, automate, and design a platform that helps the company integrate security as a shared responsibility in all its IT processes. This approach empowers DevOps teams to understand everything related to their company’s applications to ensure their privacy and make informed decisions.

One such DevSecOps platform is Kiuwan, a global industry-leading company that provides end-to-end security solutions at every stage of business operations. Kiuwan offers several effective tools to help businesses understand and identify vulnerabilities, perform testing, protect services, and much more.

Let’s explore the top 3 reasons to use Kiuwan solutions for cybersecurity risk management.

Secure Cloud-Based Solutions

Cyber security vulnerabilities are always present when using electronic devices synced with the internet. Verizon reports that around 93% of malware happens on our computers via emails, making phishing the top social engineering attack. 

With the sudden shift from physical offices to work-from-home (WFH), many companies adapted to the cloud for seamless interaction and data protection. According to Gartner, the global cloud services spending will reach more than $482 billion in 2022, which will make a 54% increase from 2020. 

With such heavy spending, hackers are more likely to use the cloud for fraudulent activities. If they want to avoid unfortunate outcomes, businesses will need to prepare themselves for the possible attacks. Fortunately, Kiuwan’s tools support cloud-based solutions and allow DevOps teams to use applications with internet access. 

In addition, business teams can install the Local Analyzer on different computers to use the platform within numerous development environments. Kiuwan detects 100% of genuine positive responsibilities in the code testing, and the security teams can be confident with their process.

Informed Decisions and Accessible Data Reporting

Humans are responsible for most cybersecurity breaches, as reported by Cybint Solutions. Around 95% of the security breaches are caused knowingly or unknowingly by human error. Therefore, training the teams comes first before investing in DevSecOps.

On the other hand, trained DevOps teams need access to data to review and optimize their processes. They have to justify the investment in additional security to remediate vulnerabilities. Kiuwan provides these teams with all such data within a few minutes.

The Insights Open Source (SCA) provides detailed and brief reports to identify any issue in the application development that needs to be rectified. In addition, Kiuwan’s Code Analysis (QA) offers the best tools to help teams develop goals, evaluate relevant actions, and start improving the code. With the support of this code data, the development teams can design action plans through one proven software tool – Kiuwan. 

Instant Software Release and Secure Pipeline

The Ponemon Institute found that it takes 280 days on average for a company to detect a cybersecurity breach. A failure to recognize dangers, in the beginning, leads to even more threats to the businesses.

By using Kiuwan’s Local Analyzer, DevOps teams can analyze the codes with ease and generate key insights in only 15 minutes. The members can then access this data and insights from the Kiuwan cloud.

It’s also worth mentioning that malicious activities are expected to target the entire DevOps tools and pipelines. According to a PR Newswire press release, 57% of companies got affected by security attacks associated with DevOps’ exposed data secrets. These attacks could be on supply chains, infrastructure-as-code (IaC) deployments, or pipelines.

Kiuwan enables the DevOps team to install directly into their CI/CD pipeline to release the software faster. This embedded vulnerability detection also helps them test security and maintainability with ease.

Bottom Line

Cybersecurity is a pressing concern for businesses these days. With an upsurge in cyber security attacks, investing in DevSecOps has become essential to protect the data from all sorts of attacks.

In our digital world, smartphones hold almost all personal and professional information. There’s also the internet of things to open the door for more cyberattacks. On top of everything, many people unknowingly give their data to hackers.

Kiuwan provides hybrid code security solutions for businesses looking to stay safe from cybercriminals. The Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and Code Security (SAST) empower DevOps teams to manage every aspect of the development process, from code analysis to governance, with no exposed vulnerabilities in the applications.

For more information about the Kiuwan services, concerned leaders and DevOps teams can contact Kiuwan experts or request a free demo to try out everything first-hand.

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