Code Analysis (QA)

Unparalleled scope in the detection of errors.

 Blazingly fast code analysis in a collaborative cloud environment.
Scan and identify issues with code characteristics such as:

✓ Maintainability
✓ Portability
✓ Efficiency
✓ Reliability


Kiuwan SCA Mockup
Develop Action plans


Fixing defects has never been easier. Kiuwan Code Analysis automatically creates an action plan with the defects that need to be fixed in order to achieve the set goals.

This unique feature helps teams to develop a concrete approach that focuses on the individual concern of your business. Action plans allow your teams to prioritize remediations based on a variety of considerations including technical resources, time and cost.

action plans screenshot

Beyond Code Analysis

Kiuwan Code analysis empowers you to do more.

Offering a range of additional features designed to enhance the way you develop:

– Reduce Technical Debt: QA manages the effort needed to correct flaws

– Visual Configuration: Create models to select rules and properties

– Jenkins Analysis: Continuously analyze every time you build

– Integrate: Leverage other analyzers to expand your process

– Differential Reports: Find out what defects have been introduced 


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Fully integrated with your IDE

Kiuwan allows for a true shiftleft approach by integrating with all the main IDEs.
We cover Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Phpstorm, Pycharm and Webstorm so developers can visualize and analyze directly from their IDE, learning best coding practices with contextual remediation advice.

eclipse ide


The 1 min explainer

30+ supported languagess