Release Announcement – July 22, 2020

Published July 22, 2020

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We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest Kiuwan update! Released on July 22, 2020, this update includes several new features for administrators, described below.  

Release announcement banner with computer and parachute

Kiuwan events and notifications

We have programmed the generation of events triggered by user actions and system situations. In addition, we’ve added the ability for an administrator to consume these events and configure notifications via mail based on these events.

Read the documentation to learn more:

Kiuwan on-premises – Automatic data purge

We have added functionality to allow the administrator of an on-premises installation to cleanup old analysis and related information. Some of this functionality will also be available for cloud administrators.

Read the documentation to learn more:

Kiuwan Analysis Management View

With this new screen, you can manage all of the analyses of your applications in a centralized view. You can search for an analysis using a variety of filters, delete an analysis, and perform a bulk deletion.

To learn more, read the documentation:

For more information about Kiuwan releases, refer to our Change Log page in the documentation.