The Analyses screen helps you manage the application analyses of your account.

 In the top-right corner of the screen, click the drop-down icon, select Application Management, and access the Analyses option.

Query Analyses

The Analyses screen allows you to filter the analysis subset you want to view.

The available fields are the following:

  • Analysis code: Type part or the whole analysis code.
  • Application: Type part or the whole application name.
  • Requested by: The person who executed the analysis. You can select the users you want from the expanded username list.
  • Scope: Select one or several options, such as Baseline, Complete delivery, or Partial delivery.
  • Label: Type part or the whole analysis label.
  • State: Select one or several options, such as Success, Fail, or In Progress.
  • Date from and Date to: Enter the date range of the analysis list you want to retrieve.

After entering all filter values, click Apply to see the results of the query.

Navigate to results

When successful analyses are retrieved, the Available data column displays different tags. Click a tag to redirect you to the results of the analysis.

Delete one analysis

You can delete an analysis by clicking the drop-down icon on the right and selecting Delete. Confirm the deletion of the analysis in the confirmation dialog, the analysis is deleted, and the list is refreshed.

Bulk deletion of analyses

You can perform a bulk deletion of analyses by following these steps:

  1. On the top right corner, click the drop-down icon, and select Delete.

  2. When the dialog box opens, select between:
    1. Delete matching filter analyses
    2. Delete a handpicked analyses.

Delete matching filter analyses

When you select Delete matching the current filter, the following dialog is displayed:

Click Delete to confirm the action, all the analyses that match the current filter are removed, and the analyses list refreshes.

Delete handpicked analyses

When you click Select specific analyses, the following dialog is displayed:

Select the analyses you want to delete, click Delete, and validate the action when the confirmation dialog box opens.

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