DevSecOps: Follow the Leader

When we think of security, especially the deep embedded and core measures introduced by DevSecOps, we often think of these measures in terms of insurance – and rightly so. We associate such security measures with protection, like keeping the software development process from being compromised. We think of having the insurance of a proven structure to prevent coding issues or the introduction of known vulnerabilities.

Well…things are changing.

A New Perspective On Security

Upon the internet’s arrival on the scene, this exciting technology was viewed as a great way to connect people. It was an awesome tool for mail and social interactions…then business got involved. Shortly after that, the internet and technology became a great vehicle for companies who wanted to simply do smarter, better business. It was also seen as a boon for businesses that could create massive demand. Then marketers noticed…

From Expense Account to Profit Generator

Marketers realized that this technology, that was at that time perceived almost solely as an operating expense, was a revenue generating monster! We could go on about how more smart folks (probably some upstart millennials) recognized the social media platforms as another avenue for business but you get the point.

Perhaps it is time to stop viewing the security aspects of application and software development as a necessary element (or burden) and look at it as a benefit? Not like the benefits of insurance and protection but in all aspects of software, end to end.

Developers can tout the security advantages of the newest cutting edge program they want to build. Software distributors can sell the advantages of applications built with DevSecOps at their core. These are some of the great advantages of employing DevSecOps but the reasons and benefits for embracing this practice run much deeper…

The DevSecOps Competitive Advantage

History really does repeat itself and what we are witnessing is the same transition that occurred with how technology and the internet were viewed. No longer are these staples of every successful business model viewed as an expense and only to be afforded by the wealthiest of businesses. Today technology and the internet are vital cogs in the formula for generating revenue and increasing profits. Does this story sound familiar?

In the fledgling years of the internet and software design, security was “important” but let’s be honest, we were more concerned with making sure that dial-up static-handshake was successful. Social media was a far cry from being the conglomerate it is now and business weren’t even close to being ready to delve into all things technology. Correspondingly, security wasn’t necessarily at a premium.

We know the demands now, we are aware of the ongoing concerns of tomorrow and the future looks brilliant but daunting…

DevSecOps was no accident, this was by necessity. DevSecOps represents how far security has come, what the standards are today and is the forerunner for tomorrow. One story quoted a VP of security and compliance who said –

“DevSecOps is not just a buzzword – it is the current and future state of IT for multiple reasons…”

Remember how well it paid off for those businesses who led the way into the digital age and how the dividends continue to come? Don’t forget those businesses that closed their doors as well, as a result of failing to embrace technology.

The leading companies have a serious and committed focus to security and understand the implications, both good and bad. This is the beginning of the competitive advantage.

DevOps – The Next Big Thing

Being ahead of the curve and being seen as a leader is always beneficial for an organization and as history proves, it is exceptionally advantageous as well. Companies who recognized the social media trend early have seen great gains from their marketing departments. Businesses that understood the mobile movement and that were proactive have been rewarded handsomely. For software and application designers and developers, the next big thing is DevOps.

How far have we come? Well security is now a top priority in all things internet and technology and it is of the highest importance in the arena of DevOps. When the concept was realized and the development teams began working with operations departments, everything changed. Nowhere was this more evident than in the security world and evidenced by the demand for secure software and applications at seemingly warp speeds.

Now the competitive advantage of DevSecOps becomes much clearer, as this methodology allows developers, programmers and IT heads to meed these demands. The aforementioned story that discussed the future of DevOps also said, “The culture of DevOps in the enterprise is here to stay, and that means that developers are delivering features and updates to the production environment at an increasingly higher velocity… .”

Those companies that are using and have employed the theology and methodology of DevSecOps will be positioned to welcome this new era. That is another competitive advantage organizations have and can offer, as new apps, features and programs will demand secure platforms and functionality (including testing), like those afforded through the DevSecOps environment.

Follow the Leader

The leading businesses followed the internet. The smartest companies followed the mobile movement. There is always a leading idea, concept or method being followed by the leaders. For leaders in software and app development, that means following the leading security options for today’s fast paced landscape.

Do you want to know the security risks in your enterprise application portfolios & make informed decisions? As a leader, you recognize the need to perform continuous, automatic and early vulnerability detection, to lead with DevSecOps.

The speed and the amazing capabilities of apps, updates, programs and new features will only be as impressive as the security supporting them. This is the world of business and technology now with only bigger ventures on the horizon. Having the competitive advantage for your organization requires the best security to handle the demands of the DevOps world. Leading the way into this new frontier is DevSecOps. What security methodologies are you following to gain a competitive advantage and to lead your organization into tomorrow?

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