Why US Organizations Need Kiuwan Cybersecurity Tools

The U.S. is home to some of the world’s most sophisticated and advanced software ecosystems. As such, it tops the charts as a prime target for modern cybersecurity threats such as hacks and data breaches. In fact, regional cyber statistics from Verizon indicate that the U.S. and Canada accounted for over 68% of all cyber hacks globally in 2023. The surge in cyberattacks, data breaches, and ransomware incidents affecting critical systems in the U.S. led the White House to issue a National Cybersecurity Strategy in March of 2023. 

While cyberattacks concern organizations across the country, not having a DevSecOps solution will increase cyber vulnerabilities and have catastrophic consequences. Therefore, enterprise software companies in the United States must use effective cybersecurity tools to protect their customers, employees, and data.

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Cost savings from high levels of DevSecOps adoption:

 $1.68 Million

*IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023


Identifying Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities with Kiuwan

Kiuwan is the ultimate code security tool that all developers and dev teams need to protect against cybersecurity threats. It detects cybersecurity vulnerabilities in source code, enforces coding guidelines, and manages open-source components so developers can eliminate defects and improve application security.

Because Kiuwan aligns with OWASP, CWE, CVE, CPE, and NIST security standards, developers and dev teams know they’re getting the ultimate protection. Kiuwan also supports more than 30 major programming languages and frameworks. So whether the need is a WordPress vulnerability scanner, Python code analyzer, or other automated code review tool, Kiuwan has it covered.

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How Does Kiuwan Identify Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities?

Every line of code has the potential to be an asset — but without the right security measures, it can quickly become a liability. Kiuwan Code Security tools are the solution developers rely on to ensure their innovation remains a strength, not a vulnerability. Seamlessly integrating with the most popular development languages and DevOps tools, Kiuwan guarantees both software quality and compliance with critical financial security standards like NYDFS, GLBA, and PCI. Make sure every line of code is vulnerability-free and protect your data, investment, and reputation.

Kiuwan is a powerful, end-to-end application security platform. Our comprehensive tool set is designed to empower your dev team throughout the SDLC. With a combination of SAST, SCA, and QA, we help developers identify vulnerabilities in your code, open-source code, ensure license compliance, and automate security policies. Our cybersecurity tools also integrate seamlessly into your dev environment to prevent disruptions in your workflow.

The United States is number one in data breaches, costing U.S. businesses an average of:

$9.48 Million

Top 5 affected states include: California, New York, Texas, Florida, Georgia!

*IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023

Why Do US Organizations Need Kiuwan’s SCA and SAST Tools?

According to IBM’s Report in 2023, healthcare, finances, and pharmaceuticals were the top-ranking industries that fell victim to cyberattacks in the United States. Hackers are searching for easy entry points into your source code. A cybersecurity vulnerability can create room for more than just a data breach, leaving a damaging trail of customer data, PII, and app data for you to clean up.

To minimize your vulnerability to cybersecurity threats, you must maximize your DevSecOps approach. Static application security testing (SAST) or Software Composition Analysis (SCA), allows you to test, analyze, and remediate source code vulnerabilities.

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SCA Tools

Using open-source code and open-source software opens your code to certain cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Kiuwan’s software composition analysis tools enable our clients to ensure license compliance, identify and remediate cybersecurity vulnerabilities in source code, and automate software security policies. Our SCA tools include obsolescence tracking, continuous scanning, open-source library tracking, and more.

SAST Tools

Kiuwan’s static application security testing tools will test your software for cybersecurity vulnerabilities without any need to run the code. This white-box testing technique will reveal issues like SQL injections before the code ever reaches the QA phase, which will save your developers a significant amount of time. Our SAST tools also allow you to minimize the attack surface area of your code and enable you to use data to create action plans.

Code Analysis (QA) and Governance Tools

Our add-ons will help your engineering, testing, and IT teams ensure maximum coverage with cybersecurity tools such as code analysis and governance. They allow teams to group results of analysis performed on source code by portfolios, which supports management at an executive level. 

These tools can analyze your code for maintainability, portability, efficiency, and reliability while allowing you to reduce technical debt, create differential reports, and build visual models to better process data.

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Time to identify and contain a data breach in US Organizations:

277 Days

*IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023

Kiuwan Exclusive Features

WFNS- Rapid results

Rapid Results

Set up in minutes, scan locally, and share results in the cloud. Identify and remediate vulnerabilities in a fast, collaborative environment.

WFNS-make informed decisions


Understand your risk with tailored reports. Generate action plans to remediate vulnerabilities and manage technical debt.

WFNS-customize to your needs

Customize to Your Needs

Choose coding rules to customize the importance of different vulnerabilities for your unique environment.

WFNS-Coverage with Add-Ons

Coverage With Add-Ons

Customize your security further with add-ons to simplify tasks related to code analysis, governance, and lifecycle.

Global Organizations and Consumer Service Businesses Trust Kiuwan to Find Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Whether your organization is an SMB or an enterprise corporation, Kiuwan is the tool of choice for serious developers and IT teams who recognize the importance of application-layered security. When security matters, you can count on Kiuwan. Some of the brands that rely on us include:

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