On-Demand Webinar: Integrating Kiuwan and Assembla




On-Demand Webinar
Recorded June 25, 2020

Integrating Kiuwan
and Assembla





Why watch

Kiuwan can now be fully integrated within the Assembla software development platform! Make your securely stored code in the Assembla repository even more secure with the help of Kiuwan’s SAST tools.

Learn how to set up the integration of Kiuwan and Assembla with the help of our product experts from Idera, Inc.


  • Introduction to Kiuwan
  • Introduction to Assembla
  • The benefits of integrating the two products
  • Demo: Integrating Kiuwan and Assembla
  • Q&A

Presented by

JD Burke

JD Burke

Sales Engineer at Kiuwan

 Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon

Marketing Manager at Idera

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