SSDLC: Secure Application Development At Every Stage

Adopt a continuous approach to security by integrating secure application development practices throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).



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What is secure application development?

Secure application development means integrating security into every stage of development, including:
  • Security requirements in the planning phase
  • Security-focused code reviews during development
  • Penetration testing during integration/acceptance testing
For teams following an agile approach, secure application development mean treating security as a feature rather than a non-functional requirement, and including security requirements in user stories.

Kiuwan solutions for the secure SDLC


owasp top 10

Comply with industry security standards

With Kiuwan Code Security, you can scan your application code for compliance with a constantly-updated rule set based on industry standards including CWE/SANS-25, OWASP Top 10, PCI-DSS, and more. Available for over 30 programming languages.

life cycle

See vulnerabilities right in your IDE

With the Kiuwan IDE plug-in, developers can review analysis results within the development environment. Get contextual feedback and code more securely. Kiuwan solutions integrate with your CI toolchain to automate your DevSecOps process.

open source management

Manage open source component risk

Most applications rely on third-party and/or open-source components, which introduces risk. With Kiuwan Insights, you can automate discovery of these components, remediate known vulnerabilities, update or remove obsolete versions, and ensure license compliance.


Faster scans for agile devs

Kiuwan Code Security offers the fastest security analyzers in the market to support continuous secure development in agile environments. Scan your code locally or using our secure SaaS platform. Get results in minutes, not days.
With the Kiuwan IDE plug-in, analysis results are available from within your preferred development environment. Transform your DevOps process into DevSecOps, with security integrated at every stage.

Integrate Kiuwan solutions with your CI/CD pipeline

Keep the pace of agile development without sacrificing security: launch a security analyis automatically for each build. Integrate the analysis results in your IDEs for greater speed and usability.

kiuwan code analysis

life cycle


Deploy continuous improvement

Set acceptability criteria and enter them in your CI.
Create custom action plans and track the status of the vulnerabilities that are introduced with each change. Manage the risk of each release.

fast analysis

Fast analysis

Conduct an audit scan of your code and get results in minutes, not days. Or integrate with your IDE for continuous scanning and code security

action plans

Action plans

Automatically generate action plans based on your own rules. Conduct what-if analysis to get the level of security that best fits your resources and goals

customizable plans

Flexible licensing

Choose from our flexible licensing options at competitive prices: select a one-time scan or continuous scanning with IDE integration

30+ supported languages


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Integrates with your DevOps environment




Build Systems

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Bug Trackers

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We included Kiuwan in our SDLC, decreasing the cost of the projects and the number of vulnerabilities in production environments.
With Kiuwan, we have more robust software, and it’s easier to maintain.’ 
Óscar G, Cybersecurity Software Engineer
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