Scan Your Code With Confidence

Rethink your approach to application security. Implement a solution that supports your software development lifecycle Kiuwan Code Security, SCA & QA will help your team to identify vulnerabilities in an application before it is deployed.

Mitigate Your Cyber Risk

The innovative platform gives you the tools to create concrete goals, identify relevant actions and improve your code. Development teams can build action plans from directly within the Kiuwan platform, using the latest data around the code to support effective remediation. 


 Kiuwan SAST Has Extensive Functionality To Support Your Development Process:
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Improve Application Security

Kiuwan SAST enforces a rigorous approach in the detection of security vulnerabilities.

The Product meets stringent industry security requirements and market standards, so you can scan with confidence.

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Integrate With Your Pipeline

Integrate Kiuwan directly into your development process, to increase the overall security of your applications.

By adding security to the pipeline you can reduce vulnerability risk and cost as a result of early detection and remediation.  

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Develop A Security Process

The platform offers high-level visibility over the security risks your applications face, using industry-standard ratings to determine the severity of vulnerabilities discovered. 

Kiuwan SAST allows you to determine the way you view app vulnerabilities. 

Kiuwan Products

Features and functionality for every stage and stakeholder in the SDLC.

Code Security (SAST)

Code Security (SAST)

Scan your code and identify vulnerabilities. Compliant with stringent security standards including CWE, OWASP, PCI, CERT & SANS.

Insights (SCA)

Insights (SCA)

Reduce risk from third-party components. Remediate vulnerabilities and ensure license compliance. Aligned with NIST database.

Is Your Application Exposed To Risk?

A code weakness or misconfiguration within an application can cause a vulnerability that can be leveraged by hackers to launch an attack. This can have many serious consequences for businesses including:

  • – Loss of application control
  • – Loss of control of hosting server
  • – Customer data theft
  • – Brand & Website damage

Recent cyber breaches have cost companies millions of dollarsnot including damage to brands, reputations and partnerships. Discovering application vulnerabilities early and maintaining strong security practices is crucial now more than ever

Schedule A Demo With An Expert

In this demo our expert team will walk you through the Kiuwan products and answer all of your questions about features, functionalities & pricing.

You will see how easy it is to:

  • – Initiate a Scan 

  • – Create A Remediation Action Plan
  • – Navigate The Seamless UI
  • – Manage Internal & 3rd Party Code Risk

What Does The Demo Include?

You will see how Kiuwan can be installed directly into your CI/CD pipeline, giving your team the ability to confidently release secure software faster.

Kiuwan integrates directly into your IDE, giving your development teams the ability to scan code consistently on an automated bases to empower secure development.

From Code Analysis to Governance, you will see how Kiuwan modules can enable a holistic application security solution to manage every aspect of the development process.

Kiuwan is designed to empower your team through every stage of the development process, giving you a comprehensive set of tools that simplify security.

You will discover the flexibility of the Kiuwan platform. Manage across teams in the cloud or install locally into your IDE for ultimate security.

With the Kiuwan Local Analyzer, you can run scans on-premise allowing you to keep code secure, but review results from all analysis in the cloud. Ensuring communication and collaboration.


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