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We don’t need to convince you that Kiuwan is the only SAST solution you need, however, we understand there are often other decision makers that might be involved.

Not to worry, we have compiled the complete Kiuwan buyers guide to help you pitch Kiuwan to your boss. From FAQs to stats we have everything you need to build a business case.


Are Businesses In our Industry Using This Solution?

We know our brand isn’t as recognized as other solutions in the space, but that doesn’t affect our ability to service high value organizations across industries.







Kiuwan Is Leveraged By 300+ Companies Across Banking, Finance, Insurance And Consumer Services.

Our platform has extensive utility and development teams across the industry recognize the importance of implementing highly effective code security testing for their applications. Some of our top clients include:

Can We Afford This Solution?

We know our brand isn’t as recognized as other solutions in the space, but that doesn’t affect our ability to service high value organizations across industries.

You Can’t Afford To Not Use This Solution.

According to the Ponemon Institute, in 2020 the average cost of a data breach is $3.83 Million, in the United States this number is even higher: $8.64 Million. Simply put the risk of not securing your applications could cost your business a fortune.

BG-Stat cost of a breach

It is also not just the direct cost of having to remediate the attack, your brand may never recover from the damage that has been done. If your applications acquire a reputation for poor security, it can take a while to overcome and reestablish credibility. See how we stack up:

What About Features & Functionality?

Kiuwan is the solution that pushes devsecops forward collaboratively. Our platform has no time for inefficiency or inefficacy, our platform is designed to provide the highest level of functionality and widest feature set for dev teams.


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  Continuous features Buyers' Guide 10+ Languages Supported

 Continuous features Buyers' Guide  Identifies Obsolescence In


 Continuous features Buyers' Guide  Full Inventory of 3rd Party


 Continuous features Buyers' Guide  Integrate With Your Repository

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Code Security


Scanning Features   30+ Languages Supported

Scanning Features   Use On Premise or In The Cloud

Scanning Features   Easy To Use Action Plans

Scanning Features   Custom Defect Prioritization

Scanning Features   Targeted Remediation Tips

Scanning Features   Leverage Industry Vulnerability


We Support 30+ Technologies & Integrate With your Dev Environment

Whether your applications use Python, Java, Go or something else Kiuwan has got you covered. The solution is designed to provide a comprehensive security approach for your development organization, empowering you with the tools to integrate security directly into the software development lifecycle.

Kiuwan has an extensive range of deep functionality to support your teams:

We Are Already Using A SAST Solution, Why Should We Switch?

Kiuwan provides the most comprehensive solution for application security, combining Static Application Security Testing, Software Composition Analysis & Quality Assurance into a complete security approach.

You Know Code, We Know Code Security!

Our clients welcome the transparency and complete scope of the solution, remediating the risks and threats to their development approach. Kiuwan is the fastest solution on the market, identifying vulnerabilities and giving you the tools to remediate rapidly. Enabling development teams to secure their organization across applications easily.

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What If We Want To Keep Our Code On-Premise?

Unlike our competitors Kiuwan takes a unique approach to providing our code security solutions, we designed our solution to work with your development infrastructure as you prefer.

Use On-Premise, In The Cloud, Or Both!

Kiuwan allows your businesses to implement the solution in the way that works best for your team. Want to keep your code onsite? Kiuwan can work directly from your IDE with results going into the cloud to enable your team and management to retain visibility over all of the vulnerabilities and remediations in progress.


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“Simple to setup, simple to use, simple to adapt in every development process.”

Roberto F – Technology Area Manager