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Kiuwan Local Analyzer

Learn how to scan your code for security vulnerabilities within your own environment.

static code analysis

Concerned about scanning your code in the cloud? Get the results you need in the environment you prefer.

Scanning your code for vulnerabilities with our cloud-based SaaS solution is fast and safe. But if you prefer to scan locally, take advantage of our hybrid solution. Simply download the Kiuwan Local Analyzer (KLA) to your workstation and analyze your code locally. You’ll get the same rule sets and fast results. With the KLA, only the results of your analysis are shown on your cloud-based dashboard.

static code analysis

1. Requirements

To successfully use KLA you’ll need:

  • A Kiuwan account
  • System permissions for ZIP files
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS and any UNIX system and any OS that supports Java
  • Internet Connection
  • URL Access to
  • Java 8
  • Memory & time requirements: JVM configured to take a maximum of 1GB per concurrent analysis, max time (timeout) for every analysis step configured to 60 minutes

2. Download

  • Log into your Kiuwan account.
  • Click on the Management menu on the dashboard.
  • Select Download Kiuwan Local Analyzer.
  • The KLA ZIP file downloads.
static code analysis

3. Install & start up

Windows / MacOS

  • Before you start, make sure you meet all the requirements
  • Download the ZIP file from the Kiuwan website
  • Extract all the files from the ZIP file
  • Open the folder and run kiuwan.cmd ( for Mac)
  • Run your first scan

 Linux / Unix

4. Configuration

Learn how to configure Kiuwan to work with a network that uses an internet proxy, or a local authentication system.

static code analysis

Run your first scan


  • Start the Kiuwan Local Analyzer
  • Enter your Kiuwan account details and click Login
  • Define your basic analysis configuration on the analysis set-up window
  • Click on Continue to view the analysis configuration window
  • Define your basic analysis
  • Click Analyze
  • Your analysis is finished. You can now view the results on the dashboard by clicking View Results or by accessing your account on


  • You’ll be able to configure:
  • Analysis set-up
  • Analysis Configuration
  • Extensions editor
  • Portfolios tab
  • Scope
  • Update

    The Kiuwan Local Analyzer updates automatically on start-up.

    Before running a new analysis, KLA verifies its version. If there is a newer version, it downloads it and installs it, notifying the user.

    The phases

    A complete analysis with the KLA involves two phases:

      • 1st Phase – local analysis
      • 2nd Phase – cloud indicators calculation

    After uploading the reports, you can make the KLA wait synchronously for the results from the 2nd phase or not.

    The local analysis

    The local analysis takes up the most resources and its performance depends on the following factors:

      • The analysis’ contents and scope
      • The local machine’s characteristics and KLA configuration

    A local analysis consists of a fixed sequence of steps:

    • Discovery of which technologies are in the provided source code
    • A three-steps sequence for every discovered technology
    • Generation of a report for each step
    • Encription and upload of the report to the Kiuwan cloud

    Experience Kiuwan

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