Kiuwan Local Analyzer

 Local solution for your code security analysis with Kiuwan. With the integrated tool you can analyze source code without it ever leaving your premise. The results of the analysis will be synced to the cloud.

static code analysis

Get the results you need in the environment you prefer.

Scan your code for vulnerabilities with our cloud-based SaaS solution in a fast, safe secure environment. But Kiuwan also enables teams to scan locally, with the local analyzer. Simply download the Kiuwan Local Analyzer (KLA) add to your workstation and analyze your code locally. 

static code analysis

Easy As 1,2,3,4

1. Requirements

To successfully use KLA you’ll need:

    • A Kiuwan account
    • Operating systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS and any UNIX system and any OS that supports Java
    • Java 8
    • 1GB per concurrent analysis

    2. Download

    • Log into your Kiuwan account.
    • Click on the Management menu on the dashboard.
    • Select Download Kiuwan Local Analyzer.
    • The KLA ZIP file downloads.

    3. Install & start up

    Windows / MacOS

    • Download the ZIP file from the Kiuwan website
    • Extract all the files from the ZIP file
    • Open the folder and run kiuwan.cmd ( for Mac)

     Linux / Unix

    4. Configuration

    Learn how to configure Kiuwan to work with a network that uses an internet proxy, or a local authentication system.

    Experience Kiuwan

    Learn all about the Kiuwan Local Analyzer with our on-demand webinar. Just click and enjoy!