Upcoming Webinars Focus on IDEs & Integrations

July 29, 2020

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Upcoming Webinars Focus on IDEs & Integrations

As part of our mission to help you build applications that are secure from the start, the Kiuwan team is planning an all-new lineup of free, live webinars.

Over the past several months, our webinars have delivered training on essential aspects of Kiuwan solutions and modules. These webinars are now available to you 24/7, on-demand. Our next set of webinars will focus on how you can use Kiuwan in your development environment. Discover the new & exciting lineup below!

Using Kiuwan with Visual StudioAugust 20, 2020Learn how to detect and resolve vulnerabilities directly in Visual Studio with our IDE plug-in.
Using Kiuwan with EclipseSeptember 24, 2020Learn how to detect and resolve vulnerabilities directly in Eclipse with our IDE plug-in.
Add Vulnerability Detection to Azure DevOps PipelineOctober 22, 2020Do you need fast release cycles with comprehensive vulnerability detection? Learn how to integrate Kiuwan SAST and SCA into your Azure DevOps pipeline.
Automated Security Scanning with Kiuwan and JenkinsNovember 19, 2020In this webinar, you’ll learn how to trigger automatic vulnerabililty scans with Jenkins and deliver fast results.
Manage Your Applications with PortfoliosDecember 17, 2020This webinar will explore how you can use Kiuwan portfolios to group your applications to reflect your business & IT structures and make informed decisions about your application.
Using the Kiuwan APIJanuary 21, 2020Kiuwan offers an open API that allows developers to extract data for reports and build custom integrations. Join this webinar for an introduction to using the Kiuwan API.

Please note: this webinar roadmap is subject to change. Registration for each webinar normally opens a few weeks before the session. To register for an upcoming webinar, or watch one of our on-demand sessions, visit our webinars page at https://www.kiuwan.com/webinars.

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If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered in a future webinar that isn’t on this roadmap, send us a message in the chat window. Hope to see you at a future webinar!

Would you like to know more about implementing secure application development solution in your company? Get in touch with our Kiuwan team! We love to talk about security.