Build More Secure Applications

Build secure applications with Kiuwan application security testing. Industry research found that: 75% of banking and finance software developers struggle to detect vulnerabilities across their code. With Kiuwan DevOps tools, teams can easily identify vulnerabilities in their software and rapidly remediate to prevent risks in deployed applications.

Build Secure Applications With Devops Tools

build secure applications
Improve AppSec Strength With DevOps Tools

The DevOps philosophy has increased efficiency in the software development lifecycle. But, with increased development speed, comes increased risk.

Security testing is now integral aspect of app development, when implemented early in the process it can support your team in identifying vulnerabilities and enhancing application strength.

Remove Security Silos

With an agile development approach, soloed processes are a significant roadblock. Gone are the days of “security silos” represented by CISOs or security specialists checking vulnerabilities. Application security must be a centralized process that teams & leadership can collaborate on. 

Automate The Process

Without automated testing solutions, addressing security issues in a DevOps environment can be difficult. The pace of DevOps releases demands automated security solutions, because manual testing can be a bottleneck for deployment.

Kiuwan Solutions for DevOps Security

static code analysis

Kiuwan provides a range of solutions to empower faster development for enterprise teams. Kiuwan offers a holistic solution to code security with our SAST, SCA & QA products. The solutions offer the fastest security analyzers in the market to support continuous secure development in agile environments.

Kiuwan is a hybrid solution that operates in the cloud or on your device. The application comes in the form of a java applet installed on your computer, Kiuwan Local Analyzer, or in the form of a Plug-In for the IDE and CI environment.

With both tools, you can scan your source code on your own device, without it leaving your premises. The results of the analysis will be uploaded to the cloud, enabling your team to collaborate. Scans can also be triggered directly from the IDE or CI environment, making security central to your DevOps process.

Kiuwan Products

Features and functionality for every stage and stakeholder in the SDLC.

Code Security (SAST)

Code Security (SAST)

Scan your code and identify vulnerabilities. Compliant with stringent security standards including CWE, OWASP, PCI, CERT & SANS.

Insights (SCA)

Insights (SCA)

Reduce risk from third-party components. Remediate vulnerabilities and ensure license compliance. Aligned with NIST database.

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Implement At Every Stage Of The DevOps Pipeline

Run scans at any time in the DevOps lifecycle with the KLA or with the IDE integration during code production. Then, prior to deployment, teams can run scans with the CI tool plugins (Travis CI, Jenkins, Gitlab). 

Your team can also run different analyses for each branch of your code and for different queues in the pipeline simultaneously. This range of implementation points empowers efficiency in the development process.

With Kiuwan your team can conduct audit scans to get results in minutes, not days. Integration with your IDE enables continuous scanning and code security validation from directly within your development environment. Action plans are created directly within the platform, enabling your team to collaborate on remediating the challenges.


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Code Analysis

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