kiuwan assembla integration

May 11, 2020

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Analyze your Assembla repository with Kiuwan

Automatically Scan your Assembla Repository with Kiuwan Code Security

Kiuwan can now be fully integrated within the Assembla software development platform! Make your securely stored code in the Assembla repository even more secure with the help of Kiuwan’s SAST tools.

Assembla is a software development platform that protects, audits, and monitors your company’s most valuable assets, making security and risk mitigation their top priority. Both Assembla and Kiuwan are part of the Idera, Inc. portfolio of DevOps tools, and we have been working on combining the two tools to bring the security of your applications to another level.

Kiuwan integration provides world-class code security scanning in your Assembla repositories.

Assembla’s integration with the Kiuwan Code Security scanning platform allows development teams on Assembla to “shift left” and further secure their SDLC by automatically scanning code in their Assembla repositories with Kiuwan’s enterprise-grade application security engine.

Once you have enabled the Assembla-Kiuwan integration, your repository will automatically be scanned once per week with Kiuwan’s comprehensive static code analysis (SAST) scanning engine to identify potential vulnerabilities and security threats in your code.

All Assembla customers will have access to five free identified vulnerabilities in each weekly scan. To receive unlimited vulnerability results, you must have an active subscription enabled with Kiuwan.

See how easy it is to combine the power of Kiuwan with Assembla by following the steps in our documentation.

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