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Identify threats in your application code within minutes!

Your Free Code Scan will leverage the Kiuwan platform to provide a complete security analysis. Our expert solutions engineers will walk you through an application scan to identify vulnerabilities, obsolescence, and quality/licensing issues.

Free Code Scan

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Kiuwan identifies source code defects so you can be sure your applications are secure, saving time, money & resources.

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Fast & Efficient Code Scanning in Your Environment

Integrate the toolset directly into your development process to increase the overall security of your apps. By direct integration into the pipeline you can quickly reduce vulnerability risk.

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Compliant With All Stringent Security Standards

The cloud centric Kiuwan solutions are fully compliant with industry security standards, including: CWE, OWASP, PCI, SERT & SANS. Ensuring Your applications stay safe.

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Personal Help from Security Experts on Reducing Threats

Get a personal tour of Kiuwan’s Code Security Solution, from our experience engineering team to get tailored advice on reducing future risks.

The platform works around your operations, embedding in your IDE, running locally on your device or completely in the cloud. The Kiuwan Application Security solution offers complete flexibility for teams, allowing every stakeholder to see key results and action plans in the cloud, empowering effective decision making and efficient operations.

Kiuwan Products

Extensive features & functionality for every stage and stakeholder in the Software Development Lifecycle.

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Code Security (SAST)

Scan your code and identify vulnerabilities. Kiuwan SAST is compliant with stringent security standards including: CWE, OWASP, PCI, CERT & SANS

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Insights (SCA)

Reduce risk from third-party components. Remediate vulnerabilities and ensure license compliance.

Solution Add-Ons provide extra versatility!

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You will have a quick chat with our expert solutions engineers to setup a purpose built code scan for your application depositories, they will help you leverage the Kiuwan tool to identify vulnerabilities, threats and obsolescence in your codebase.

You will see how easy it is to:

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