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Find security threats in your application source code in minutes.

Think adding a layer of security to your workflow will take a lot of extra time? It doesn’t. Get your free scan and see exactly how Kiuwan integrates right into your development environment to find source code vulnerabilities, obsolescence, and licensing issues so you can remediate them and deliver secure code.

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Benefits of Kiuwan Code Security

Developers trust Kiuwan to identify source code defects so applications are secure and data stays safe. 

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Fast & Efficient Code Scanning in Your Environment

Kiuwan isn’t a cumbersome new program to learn. It’s an easy-to-use tool that integrates right into your dev environment so you can eliminate security risks quickly and easily.

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Compliant With the Most Stringent Security Standards

Kiuwan’s cloud-centric solutions are compliant with industry security standards like CWE, OWASP, PCI, SERT, and SANS so you can be assured of source code and application security.

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 Personalized Help & Support From Our Security Experts

When you request a free scan of your code, you’ll get a complimentary personal tour of the platform from our engineering team to show you exactly why Kiuwan is the code scanner more developers use.

Kiuwan is built by and for developers. That’s why we designed it to work with your existing operations and embed seamlessly into your IDE. Run it on-prem or completely in the cloud — the choice is yours. Eliminate security risks with complete flexibility and give every stakeholder access to information to empower effective decision-making.

What Can You Do With Kiuwan Products?

Kiuwan has the features and functionality to make application security part of your DevSecOps.

 Source Code Security (SAST)

Scan for source code vulnerabilities per security standards like CWE, OWASP, PCI, CERT, and SANS.

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Insights (SCA)

Ensure third-party components and open-source intelligence are secure and manage license compliance.

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Add-Ons provide extra versatility.

Supports 30+ languages, easy IDE integration.

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Fill out the form and our solutions engineers will contact you to set up a free code scan. Learn how to leverage Kiuwan to identify vulnerabilities and remediate threats from your application source code.

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Brands all over the globe use Kiuwan to govern business applications, 
make informed decisions, and optimize their time to market. Here’s why:

“A powerful tool that helps our developers to create more secure software.”

Orlando M.

Cybersecurity Engineer

“Easy integration with internal applications, service and support is also very good.”

Lukasz K.

IT Security Expert