Identify Code Injection Vulnerabilities with Kiuwan

Code injection attacks are some of the most common security flaws in app and software development, but there are ways to prevent and remediate these vulnerabilities in your code.

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What is code injection?

Code injection

Code injection is a general term for a type of software vulnerability where unvalidated input is evaluated by an application. It is fairly common on web applications that rely on user input through forms that lack appropriate input/output data validation. This flaw can be exploited by attackers by injecting malicious code in the language of the application into it, which will then be executed by the server-side interpreter for that language.

Consequences of code injection can be dire:

  • Data loss
  • Data corruption
  • Lack of accountability
  • Denial of access
  • What differs code injection from command injection is that an attacker is only limited by the functionality of the injected language. If the language of the target application is Java, the injection is limited by what Java is capable of.

    Types of code injection

    There are multiple types of code injection vulnerabilities, some specific for certain languages or certain applications.
    Here are a few well-known ones:

    Scan your application for vulnerabilities with Kiuwan Code Security

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    Identify code injection vulnerabilities in your code

    Scan your code in just minutes and check for compliance with major security standards including CWE/SANS-25, OWASP Top 10, PCI-DSS, and more.

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    Integrate with your DevOps environment

    Kiuwan Code Security can integrate into your IDE and CI/CD tools, covering every step of the DevOps process.

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    Create action plans to reach security goals

    Create an action plan to remediate vulnerabilities based on your resources and target security level.

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    How Can You Prevent Code Injection Attacks?

    error prevention

    Validate and sanitize inputs

    Accept only a limited set of values via whitelisting or conditional switching.

    sql injection

    Use a SAST solution

    Use a code analysis tool like Kiuwan to test for vulnerabilities related to code injection.

    DB privileges

    Least privilege

    Give the account the database calls run under only limited privileges, like select.

    sql injection

    Avoid vulnerable evaluation constructs

    Use dedicated, language-specific features to safely process user-supplied arguments.

    Make Code Injection Prevention Part of your DevOps Process

    Start scanning for vulnerabilities today

    • Take a DevOps approach to code injection prevention thanks to integration with leading CI/CD tools.
    • Scan your code securely on your own local server as part of your build process.
    • Generate an automatic action plan and calculate the effort required to remediate vulnerabilities.
    • Customize the plan based on your team’s resources and track progress towards your goals.

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