Announcing the Release of Kiuwan On-Premise

In October 2019, we rolled out a new version of Kiuwan On-Premises to replace the outdated, monolithic version. Read on to learn what Kiuwan On-Premises is and why you should upgrade to the distributed version if you are using the old one. 

What is Kiuwan On-Premises? 

Kiuwan On-Premises is the on-premises version of Kiuwan SaaS, providing full Kiuwan functionalities but completely deployed on your own premises. In this version of Kiuwan, you can run analyses and view results without the need for an internet connection. 

It is an alternative to the cloud solution for those customers who prefer to maintain a private instance completely managed within their own infrastructure. It can be installed on a single host or on multiple hosts (externalizing one, some or all of the provided infrastructure services).

Within your own environment, you can easily integrate Kiuwan On-Premises into your development cycle:

  • Desktop development platforms (Eclipse, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, JetBrains)
  • Continuous integration platforms (Jenkins, Microsoft TFS/VSTS, IBM UrbanCode, CloudBees, CircleCI, JetBrains, TeamCity, etc)
  • Issue tracking software (JIRA)
  • Other enterprise environments like SAP, etc.

Why should you upgrade to the new version? 

The main reason to use the Kiuwan On-Premises Distributed Version is that Kiuwan On-Premises Monolithic is discontinued: we are no longer providing updates, support, or bug fixing for those installations

In addition, the Distributed Version:

  • Allows scaling the needed services in order to meet customer needs.
  • Eases the externalization of some of the services needed by Kiuwan, allowing customers to reuse what their company may already provide (MySQL database, Loadbalancer, Redis)

Kiuwan On-Premises Distributed Version documentation

To learn more about Kiuwan On-Premises Distributed Version, read our comprehensive documentation:

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