Release Announcement – July 14, 2021

We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest Kiuwan update! Released on July 14, 2021.

Underlying components

In this release of Kiuwan On-Premise we have changed some of the underlying components. In particular we have updated the versions of the MySQL and REDIS containers to the latest versions that are compatible with Kiuwan.


Upgrading KOP from the new version involves performing certain specific tasks.
The link to the detailed documentation is:
–> Upgrading from versions prior or equal to 808-2.8.2010.2

* If it is a new installation, it is not necessary to carry out any action other than the installation procedure already described in the documentation.

Apache HTTP server’s default configuration

Also, in this new version we have changed the Apache HTTP server’s default configuration. So if you are upgrading from previous version of Kiuwan On Premises and you are using the embedded Apache HTTP server, please apply these changes manually.

Read the documentation to learn more:

For more information about Kiuwan releases, refer to our Change Log page in the documentation.

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