New Release: Kiuwan API

Kiuwan provides a comprehensive security platform for development teams working to secure their applications against critical vulnerabilities. With the complete offering of Code Analysis, Code Security and Insights products, teams can implement a robust, security first development approach that puts code quality at the core of the development ethos.

These products are based on engines that analyze source code an the use of components in languages and frameworks. With the use of the Kiuwan API teams can shift security left and ensure quality and security in their development environment. The Rest API is commonly used to handle security implementation within projects.

 API Updates

In this release the existing Rest API has been modified to extend the existing endpoints and create new ones. This will enable additional functionality for development teams as they use Kiuwan to layer in security. We have added:

  • – Ability to mute known vulnerabilities
  • – Modify endpoints to clarify mute rules that are established
  • – New endpoint to obtain the first time a vulnerability was detected
  • – Add muted filter to an existing endpoint
  • – Enabled PDF download option to Rest API
  • – New Endpoint for Insights Components
  • – New Endpoint to create mutes by file
  • – & Much more

To learn more, read the documentation: Documentation

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