Kiuwan Release May – 12 – 2020

We are pleased to announce that on May 12, 2020, we rolled out a new Kiuwan release!

We have made some changes in the way Kiuwan handles delivery analyses, we have added some REST API enhancements, and rolled out all of the latest changes to Kiuwan On-Premises. Read more details about this Kiuwan release below.

Delivery Analysis without Baseline

This is the key feature of our latest release, which allows you to run a delivery analysis without the need for a previous baseline.

This means that any delivery analysis will automatically run the associated audit with the selected application, even if there is no baseline and it also means that your delivery can be promoted even without a related baseline analysis.

Read all about the features in this update in our Change Log.

REST API Enhancements

We have added new features to our REST API:

  • New endpoint: GET /applications/defects/stillopen. It allows retrieving vulnerabilities found in an application, filtering by date, type, etc.
  • New endpoint: DELETE /analysis

Find more information in our REST API documentation.

Kiuwan On-Premises

We have released a new version of Kiuwan On-Premises, our version of Kiuwan that is completely deployed onto your local environment, which we developed for those companies that do not allow cloud-based applications within their network.

The latest version of Kiuwan On-Premises includes all the above updates and everything that’s included in the latest cloud version.

Find further information on this release in our Change Log.

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