Kiuwan Release March 5, 2020

The latest Kiuwan release includes centralized configuration, Single Sign-On, and REST API enhancements.

Centralized Analysis Configuration

The latest Kiuwan release includes a new feature that allows you to run multiple analyses with multiple KLA instances using the same configuration.

This means that Kiuwan Local Analyzer and the Kiuwan IDE Plug-In for Eclipse now have the capability of synchronizing its local analysis configuration with the Kiuwan servers.

Single Sign-On from Kiuwan Local Analyzer

Single Sign-On is a popular property access control of multiple related, yet independent, software system. A user logs in with a single ID and password and gains access to several different, but related systems. Some common configurations include Kerberos, Integrated Windows Authentication, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). If your organization uses this kind of authentication, you can use this feature to use your SSO system credentials to access your Kiuwan account.

In the latest Kiuwan update we made it possible to configure SSO login from Kiuwan Local Analyzer and updated our documentation with instructions on how to configure it.

REST API Enhancements

We have added a bunch of new features to our REST API:

  • New features for searching portfolio based data.
  • New features for users, roles and permissions.
  • New accessible Insights data.
  • New user activity endpoint.

Read more in-depth information about this release on our Change Log page in the documentation. 

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