Kiuwan Announces New Partnership with CloudBees, the Continuous Cloud Delivery Platform

Mar 12, 2015

Kiuwan is now a Verified Technology Partner within the CloudBees Ecosystem

Maitland, Florida – November 14 – Kiuwan (, Optimyth’s software measuring and analysis solution in the cloud, announced today its partnership with CloudBees (, the enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider. The CloudBees Platform accelerates application development by automating development and deployment processes with Jenkins and removing friction cased by infrastructure maintenance activities, allowing developers to focus 100% on developing great applications. Kiuwan complements this vision, allowing developers to make sure their applications are, in fact, great.

Verified Solution Partner

“Since the first time we heard about CloudBees we knew we could make great partners. Our visions match like ice cream and pie; two cloud services working together to complement each other, in a simple way, but with powerful results,” said Javier Salado, partner development manager at Optimyth Software.
As a Verified Technology Partner, Kiuwan is nicely integrated with the CloudBees platform, allowing CloudBees users, with a Kiuwan account, to run code analysis as part of the application build process. It is as simple as installing the Kiuwan Jenkins plugin within the user’s DEV@cloud environment, and configuring a post-build action to run the analysis with every build. The results are automatically uploaded to the user’s Kiuwan account and are checked against the thresholds configured in the post-build action. Not meeting the thresholds doesn’t break the build process, but changes the project’s weather report status in Jenkins to draw attention to an issue with project quality.
“Being a CloudBees Verified Technology Partner is one important step in our strategy to promote continuous quality analysis among the developer community. We can’t think of a better place to do it, and as the famous quote goes, this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Our next goal is to keep working to become a CloudBees Integrated Technology Partner,” said Jesús Martín, CEO of Optimyth Software.
When continuous integration and deployment meet continuous code analysis, the benefits for distributed agile teams are huge. Using the Optimyth software with the CloudBees PaaS is the best way for agile projects to develop applications on a proven platform with all the services they need to be really agile; and at the same time, assure software quality from day one with no additional overhead.
“We’re pleased to have Optimyth as a CloudBees Ecosystem Technology Partner,” said Andrew Lee, vice president of business development, CloudBees. “Kiuwan allows you to run static analysis of your code as part of the continuous integration process with Jenkins and our DEV@cloud service, so it’s a natural fit for our developer customers.”

About CloudBees

CloudBees ( provides an enterprise Platform as a Service that enables Continuous Cloud Delivery, accelerating the development, integration and deployment of web and mobile applications. The CloudBees Platform provides a set of services, instantly activated with a click, that allow developers to rapidly build and run new business applications and integrate them with other services – all with zero IT administrative overhead. With Continuous Cloud Delivery, development teams can quickly deploy applications and make frequent incremental updates to them. By eliminating the friction caused by provisioning, maintaining and administering complex hardware and software infrastructure, CloudBees allows developers to do what they do best: develop innovative applications. CloudBees serves the needs of a wide range of businesses from small startups that need to quickly create new on-line businesses, to large IT organizations that need to rapidly respond to dynamic market opportunities. Follow CloudBees on Twitter (@CloudBees) and on Facebook. You can also try CloudBees for free.
Backed by Matrix Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners, CloudBees was founded in 2010 by former JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey and an elite team of middleware and open source technology professionals.

About Kiuwan and Optimyth

Kiuwan is a brand of Optimyth Software launched in June 2013. Based on state of the art technology, it is the first real solution to measure and analyze software quality in the cloud.
Kiuwan is secure, users don’t have to share their code if they don’t want to; affordable, users can start for free or analyze large applications for just a few dollars a month; easy, all the power of the Kiuwan indicators and metrics at your fingertips; and fast, no installation nor configuration required, users are up and running, and can see results in minutes.
Kiuwan/Optimyth Software
2600 Lake Lucien Drive Suite 115
Maitland, FL 32751

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