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Scan your source code for vulnerabilities and get results instantly. Or integrate Kiuwan Code Security with your IDE to build secure applications from the start.


scan your code for vulnerabilities
owasp top 10

Comply with industry security standards

Scan your code using a constantly-updated rule set (4K+) based on industry standards including CWE/SANS-25, OWASP Top 10, PCI-DSS, and more. Available for over 30 programming languages

life cycle

Code more securely with IDE integration

Add Code Security to your IDE for instant analysis and contextual feedback so developers code more securely. Integrate with your CI toolchain to automate your DevSecOps process

open source management

Manage open source component risk

Automate discovery of open source components used by your application. Remediate exposure to risks from known vulnerabilities, obsolete versions, and licensing issues



What is application security?

“Application security” focuses on removing vulnerabilities from source code, so that an attacker can’t exploit them. Application security is an essential part of an overall cybersecurity policy that also includes controlling physical access to hardware, configuring network security, enforcing password policies, etc.
To secure an application’s source code, you can do penetration testing (aka “pen testing”) to try to detect vulnerabilities in the running application. Or, you can analyze the source code using a Static Application Security Testing Tool (SAST) like Kiuwan Code Security.
Kiuwan Code Security checks your application source code for compliance with over 25 industry security standards, applying more than 4000 rules that are constantly updated. Kiuwan Code Security supports over 30 programming languages, from legacy languages such as COBOL and RPG to the latest languages for web and mobile development. And because it’s less expensive to fix vulnerabilities early in the development process, Kiuwan Code Security plugs right into your IDE so you can remove vulnerabilities from the very start of development.

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kiuwan insights

How do you improve application security?

An application security tool like Kiuwan Code Security (SAST) helps ensure that your code is free of vulnerabilities. But it’s also important to manage the risks from open source components that your application uses.
Kiuwan Insights is a Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tool that examines your code for open-source components and reports any known vulnerabilities found in the NIST National Vulnerability Database ( Kiuwan Insights also generates an inventory of your open-source components, and helps you manage your libraries: check for updates, track versions, and get automatic obsolescence alerts.


Combine Kiuwan Code Security with Kiuwan Insights for 360° coverage of your application’s source code.


fast analysis

Fast analysis

Conduct an audit scan of your code and get results in minutes, not days. Or integrate with your IDE for continuous scanning and code security

action plans

Action plans

Automatically generate action plans based on your own rules. Conduct what-if analysis to get the level of security that best fits your resources and goals

customizable plans

Flexible licensing

Choose from our flexible licensing options at competitive prices: select a one-time scan or continuous scanning with IDE integration



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Integrates with

your DevOps environment






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