Security Solutions For Your DevOps Process

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities fast and efficient scanning and reporting. We are compliant with all security standards tailored packages for your team to mitigate your cyber risk within the SDLC.

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Kiuwan SAST Has Extensive Functionality To Support Your Security Through The Development Process

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Integrate With Your Pipeline

Integrate the toolset directly into your development process to increase the overall security of your apps. By direct integration into the pipeline you can quickly reduce vulnerability risk.

FT-Develop A Security Process

Develop A Security Process

The platform offers high-level visibility over the security risks that your applications face, using industry standards to rate vulnerability severity and priority.

FT-Improve Application Security

Improve Application Security

Enforce a rigorous approach to security in your applications, with Kiuwan. The product meets stringent industry requirements and market standards, so you can scan & deploy with confidence.

Kiuwan Products

Code Security (SAST)

Add-On (QA)

Scan your code and identify vulnerabilities. Kiuwan SAST is compliant with stringent security standards including: CWE, OWASP, PCI, CERT & SANS

Insights (SCA)

Insights SCA

Reduce risk from third-party components. Remediate vulnerabilities and ensure license compliance.

Trusted By 20,011+ Users Worldwide!

Leading brands all over the globe use Kiuwan to govern their business applications, make informed decisions and optimize their time to market.

“Im happy to say that Kiuwan’s SAST solution has been the ideal choice for us.”

Lewis Bramfitt

CEO, Bramfitt Tech Labs

“A powerful tool that helps our developers to create more secure software.”

Orlando M.

Cybersecurity Engineer

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