Insights SCA

Product Plans

Kiuwan offers flexible licensing solutions to fit organizational needs. Whether you need a single scan or a scalable subscription, pricing is based on the number of lines of code scanned.

Insights SCA

Code Security (SAST)

Detect and eliminate source code security vulnerabilities at every level of development.


 Continuous Plan 

  Continuous features Product Plans  Continuous scanning

 Continuous features Product Plans   Unlimited scans

 Continuous features Product Plans   Tier-based pricing

 Continuous features Product Plans   Technical support

 Continuous features Product Plans   IDE plugin

 Continuous features Product Plans   Lifecycle management

 Continuous features Product Plans   CI integration



Scanning Features   Best for a security audit

Scanning Features   1–5 one-time scans

Scanning Features   Starts at 100K LOC; tiers up

            to 2MM LOC

Scanning Features   Technical support

Insights (SCA)

Identify and manage vulnerabilities, compliance, or operational risk from open-source components in your application.


Insight (SCA)-scan pricing

SCA-scan-line  Security audit

SCA-scan-line  Technical support

SCA-scan-line  Component inventory

SCA-scan-line  Manage obsolescence

SCA-scan-line  License risk management



  SCA-continuous-features  Continuous security

 SCA-continuous-features   Unlimited scans

 SCA-continuous-features   Technical support

 SCA-continuous-features   Component inventory

SCA-continuous-features   Manage obsolescence

SCA-continuous-features   License risk management



Code Analysis (QA)


Unparalleled Error Detection

Continuous features Product Plans

Develop action plans

Continuous features Product Plans

Enhance code quality

Continuous features Product Plans

Create models to manage rules



Security/QA Engineer & IT Teams

Governance & Lifecycle

Group by portfolios

Governance & Lifecycle

Manage app life cycle

Governance & Lifecycle

Integrates with IDEs

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