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Is Your Open-Source Code Secure?

If you are a developer who relies on open-source code or an organization that uses open-source software, you should be aware of the software vulnerability risks of using such code. Fortunately, there’s a tool available to help developers and companies ensure their code is secure — software composition analysis (SCA). For nearly 20 years, Kiuwan Insights has been the professional developer’s choice to identify and remediate weak points, ensure license compliance, and automate security policies throughout the software development process.

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Kiuwan SCA Empowers Developers

SCA-Works with your Development Approach

Works With Your Development Environment

Kiuwan code analysis tools integrate seamlessly into your current dev environment so that you can produce secure source code easily in your existing workflow.

SCA-Compliant with Security Standards

Compliant With Security Standards

Kiuwan meets all industry standards and scans source code for vulnerabilities against the NIST database to provide constant protection against current threats.

What Does Software Composition Analysis Do?

Defining Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Software composition analysis (SCA) detects open-source components in your codebase so that developers and programmers can perform a vulnerability assessment, manage license compliance, and ensure code quality.

How Does SCA Help?

Open-web application security is critical for developers relying on open-source code. By running SCA, developers can test code vulnerabilities that might be present in their open-source code and take appropriate action. With a comprehensive database of vulnerabilities, SCA tools can help developers identify any weaknesses in their code and implement fixes before an attack occurs. Specific benefits include:

  Increased visibility into open-source code

  Improved developer efficiency

  Lower security risks

  Improved developer productivity

Insights SCA
Insights SCA

Kiuwan Reduces Your Cyber Risks

Kiuwan SCA is the tool your team needs to automate the entire process, including selection, alerting on security or compliance issues, and even blocking them from the code. It provides coverage for all open-source risks, identifying issues fast so you can remediate problems quickly without falling behind on deadlines or production schedules.

Did You Know?

Many developers overlook code security when building applications. For instance, 97% of all applications in the market use open-source code, and 90% of companies use it.

SAC-Did You Know?

Features of Kiuwan SCA

Kiuwan SCA automatically scans open-source code to identify security vulnerabilities, giving developers a comprehensive view of open-source risk. Kiuwan Insights stands out for its comprehensive list of features, such as:

SCA-Comprehensive Open Source Protection

See Kiuwan Insights SCA in Action

Are You Ready to Secure Your Open-Source Code?

Kiuwan SCA is the perfect solution for developers and companies looking to keep their open-source code secure and compliant. Try Kiuwan SCA today.

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