Insights SCA

Insights (SCA)

Manage Open-Source Risk

With Kiuwan Insights Open-Source, you can reduce third-party component risk, remediate vulnerabilities, ensure license compliance, and automate policies throughout the SDLC.

How Does Kiuwan SCA Help?

SCA-Works with your Development Approach

Works with your Development Approach

Create secure software faster and more efficiently with automated code validation, and customize rule sets with your own knowledge base.

SCA-Compliant with Security Standards

Compliant with Security Standards

Easily integrates with your DevOps process, while continuously scanning the NIST database for new vulnerabilities. 

What Does Software Composition Analysis Do?

What is SCA?

SCA (Software Composition Analysis) tool that detect and track all open source components in an organization’s codebase, to help developers and programmers manage their open source components.

How Does SCA Help?

SCA automates the entire process of managing open source components, including selection, alerting on any security or compliance issues, or even blocking them from the code. It also provides comprehensive information about the open source vulnerabilities discovered so that you can easily fix them. SCA tools can be used throughout the SDLC, from creation to post-production.

Insights SCA
Insights SCA

Kiuwan Reduces Your Cyber Risks

Kiuwan SCA gives your team the tools you need to succeed! This covers all open source risks, identifying issues fast allowing you to remediate problems quicker. This end-to-end SDLC coverage empowers your team to manage resolving vulnerabilities in code without falling behind on deadlines.

Did You Know?

A total of 82% of organizations have admitted to increasing their cybersecurity budgets over the past year, with these funds accounting for up to 15% of total IT spending.

SAC-Did You Know?

Comprehensive Open-Source Protection

Kiuwan Insights offers complete protection for your open source dependencies, enabling you to limit risk against attacks and optimize application performance after deployment.

SCA-Comprehensive Open Source Protection

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“We now have the ability to analyze and block bad code, and start in an easy, clean way to optimize our code and secure our apps.”

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