This guide will explain how to promote deliveries to a baseline. 

Deliveries Promotion to Baseline

Deliveries can be "promoted" to baseline without the need to run a new analysis.

To promote a delivery to a baseline means that a new baseline will be calculated based on delivery analysis results.

This new baseline will be calculated differently depending on the delivery scope.

If the delivery is Complete, new baseline indicators will be calculated based completely on delivery defects, i.e. not taking into account any previous baseline analysis. 

If the delivery is Partial, new baseline indicators will be incrementally calculated as follows: 

    • For any new file contained in the delivery (i.e. not existing in the baseline), the file and associated defects will be included as part of the new baseline.
    • For every file contained in the delivery and the baseline, defects found during the delivery analysis will overwrite defects found when analyzed in the baseline
    • For those files contained in the baseline but not included in the delivery, previous defects will be maintained

Deliveries promotion to Baseline can be done either using the Kiuwan Deliveries page or using Kiuwan Local Analyzer in Command-Line Interface mode.

This section describes how to do it using the Kiuwan Deliveries page. 

For help on how to do it using the Kiuwan Local Analyzer CLI, please visit Kiuwan Local Analyzer.

The promotion is not restricted to successful deliveries. If you want to promote a failed delivery you are allowed to do it.

Check the Accepted for promotion checkbox, and the promotion for this delivery will be enabled.

By default, only deliveries with status OK has the Accepted for promotion enabled.

Once you click Promote to baseline, you are asked for a new label for the baseline. By default, the delivery label is proposed.

Promote to baseline = the selected delivery will be used to generate the new baseline.

Promote all candidates = all deliveries with Accepted for promotion enabled will be used. The deliveries are grouped by provider, and a new baseline will be generated for each provider.

The promotion analysis is added to an execution queue. Once it is finished, the results are shown in the application Dashboard as a new baseline analysis.
This analysis will contain a legend that indicates that the baseline comes from a delivery analysis.

Only deliveries done on the last baseline can be promoted to a new baseline. The other deliveries will have the Promote to baseline link disabled.

If your delivery does not have a related baseline analysis, it can also be promoted.

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