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Kiuwan for Developers (K4D) is a plug-in for development IDEs that facilitates and automates compliance with quality standards and best practices for several languages.

It provides the following benefits:

  • Automatic Error Prevention – Coding standards are specific rules for a programming language. By implementing and monitoring compliance with these standards at the time the code is entered you can avoid errors and reduce the time and cost of debugging and testing activities.
  • Adoption of Coding Standards – Ensuring the compliance of these standards by a development department can be a long and tedious task without the support of some sort of tool that will facilitate and automate this work. This plugin connects with Kiuwan and harness the power of its quality models to prevent errors and automatically standardise the code.

Kiuwan for Developers monitors and reports on the quality and efficiency of your code at the point that it is written. This immediate feedback provides you with the opportunity to improve your code before it is delivered.

Supported IDEs and Requeriments


Supported IDEs

Kiuwan for Developers (K4D) is available for following IDEs:

  • Eclipse-based :
    • Eclipse
    • RAD (Rational Application Developer for WebSphere)
    • IBM Rational Developer for i Systems

    • IBM Rational Developer for z Systems

  • Microsoft Visual Studio


For others IDEs and versions, please contact Kiuwan Technical Support



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