By default, Kiuwan sets a timeout of 60 minutes for the different steps of the analysis. This timeout halts the analysis process in case some step hangs indefinitely.

GUI mode

If you are using Kiuwan Local Analyzer in GUI mode, a dialog will open indicating this error:

Please note that this dialog also displays the support ticket code you can provide to Kiuwan Technical Support if you want to enquire about it.

You can also detect this kind of error looking at the log file. In case this error happens, the analysis windows will look like this:

Click Analyzer log to open a window where the log file (temp/agentGUI.log) is displayed.

You will find some line as the following indicating that a timeout has been produced.

ERROR 2016-10-03 13:01:21,960 - ERROR running target "run.rules" - Timeout: killed the sub-process
C:\Luis\Kiuwan\Nuevo\KiuwanLocalAnalyzer\bin\analyzerCommon.xml:79: Timeout: killed the sub-process

CLI mode

If you are using Kiuwan Local Analyzer in CLI mode, this error is reported to the standard output.

An error code will be returned to the calling process.

Please visit Local Analyzer Return Codes Deprecated for further information on return codes.


Sometimes, this default timeout is not enough to finish the analysis. Due to the size of your application code, the analysis might need more time to finish. Therefore, the first action is to increase it to a higher value.

You can do it in two ways:

Change the timeout value in the GUI

  1. Click Advanced on the Analysis Setup Window 
  2. Selecting Analysis Configuration 
  3. Change the timeout value in the Analysis timeout (minutes) field (set by default to 60 minutes). 
  4. Click Save to open the next dialog:
  5. Save = this configuration will apply only to the current applications.
    Save as defaults = the configuration changes will apply to all the applications you will analyze with your Kiuwan Local Analyzer installation.

Modify the file

An alternative way to change this timeout value is by modifying the con/ file. To do it, edit the timeout property:

# Timeout to use for max execution time of each analysis step
Please note that this property is specified in milliseconds.

If you have a specific configuration for an application and you want the change only to be applied to that specific application, you will need to modify this property in con/apps/<name_of_your_app>.properties file.

In case the problem persists, please contact Kiuwan Technical Support.