When Kiuwan analyzes an application, it uses the model associated with the application (or the one indicated at the time of execution).

This error happens when the model used for the analysis does not contain rules/metrics for the technologies contained in the application.

A typical example is when you are analyzing a Java application and you select the "PHP Symfony” model. As this model only contains rules and metrics for PHP and Javascript, the analysis will not be executed and this error will appear.

GUI mode

If you are using Kiuwan Local Analyzer in GUI mode, a dialog will open indicating this error:

Click Analyzer log to open a window where the log file (temp/agentGUI.log) is displayed.

You will find messages indicating the error.

CLI mode

If you are using Kiuwan Local Analyzer in CLI mode, this error is reported to the standard output.

An error code will be returned to the calling process.

Please visit Local Analyzer Return Codes for further info con return codes.


There are different solutions you can apply:

  • Select an appropriate model for your analysis that supports the technologies of your application
  • Modify the model to include those technologies not currently supported

Read more on managing Models on Basic Model Management and Advanced Model Management