Kiuwan analysis for Change Requests / Tasks "in progress"

You can analyze a Change Request previously before its release. The process can be depicted as follows:

When the Kiuwan Local Analyzer is deployed in the SAP system, you may analyze a Chage Request (or Task) currently in progress.

To do it, execute program ZKW_ANALYSIS_TO (using transaction SA38)

Specifying a Change Request (CR) or Task ID, and an Analysis Label, to download and analyze the associated source code in the SAP system. 

You can select either a Request or a Task.

Note: If you are selecting a task, be sure you select the correct task type.

Once you have selected your Request/Task ID, specify a Label for your analysis (so you can find it easily later in the Kiuwan website).

After clicking the Execute button, the analysis process will be executed as described below:

  1. The source code associated to Request/Task is downloaded
    1. Download directory is <DIR_HOME>/sape4k/code/<ReqTask_ID> (you can use AL11 transaction to inspect DIR_HOME value)
      1. in linux,typically  /usr/sap/<SAP_SID>/D<Instance_Number>/work
      2. in windows, change / by <drive>:\
    2. Under <DIR_HOME>/sape4k/code/<ReqTask_ID>, there will be a directory for every SAP Package involved in the CR/Task 
    3. Important: Only "Active" objects will be exported and analyzed

  2. For every SAP package contained into the Request/Task, a Kiuwan analysis is executed 
    1. using SAP package name as Kiuwan application name (-n <SAP_package_name>, see Kiuwan Local Analyzer CLI - Command Line Interface)
    2. using <DIR_HOME>/sape4k/code/<ReqTask_ID>/<SAP_Package_Name> as source dir ( -s  <DIR_HOME>/sape4k/code/<ReqTask_ID>/<SAP_Package_Name>)
    3. using Analysis label as Kiuwan analysis lable (-l <Analysis label>)
    4. the analysis is executed as a Partial Delivery (-as partialDelivery
    5. the analysis will use Request/Task ID as Kiuwan Change Request name (-cr <Request/Task ID>)
    6. the delivery will be marked in Kiuwan as In Progress (-crs inprogress)
    7. the analysis will wait for results (-wr) from Kiuwan cloud (i.e. it will be blocked until the cloud analysis finishes) 

  3. The process will analyze every SAP package unless an unsuccessful return code is received (ret code != 0
    1. In case of an unsuccessful analysis, the whole analysis stops and a window is displayed with an error message.
    2. Bear in mind that a special case is when the Audit associated with the analysis of a package fails. This condition will also stop the whole analysis.