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Kiuwan and its team makes their best effort to keep up to date with the latest CWE version. We map every applicable vulnerability found to the correspondent CWE. The mapping is clearly accessible from the list of vulnerabilities found with a direct link to the CWE mapped with the vulnerability.



With every Kiuwan Code Security major release, the mappings are reviewed and modified accordingly to keep up to date with CWE versions. An in-app message with every release informs of any major changes regarding the mapping and CWE version. If there are any changes regarding CWE mappings all users are promptly informed with an in-app message.

The latest Kiuwan release is February 6th 2017.

The latest considered CWE version is 2.10. See al the information about it in the CWE site

See also these other Kiuwan's documentation pages to help you understand CWE mapping:

CWE in Models Management > Rules Management

CWE in Vulnerabilities reports

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